Prototype at lightning speed

The Mayku FormBox is a desktop vacuum former that lets you prototype products in minutes. Creating your next invention has never been easier.

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Trusted by 1000s around the world

From chocolatiers to Nasa engineers -Thousands of makers across 74 countries are using the FormBox to make their ideas real.

"Having a 3D printer side by side with the FormBox has opened so many doors it is simply unbelievable"


"We've dropped our packaging development time from weeks to literally days with the FormBox"


"The speed and ease with which I can explore, prototype and make with the FormBox is wonderfully liberating"


"Struck by the amazing quality the machine has.Very impressive"


"A great machine which fits in well for small business projects like ours"


"Mouldmaking was never so easy 3D-Print + FormBox = replicate 3D objects in any material"


Get to product faster

No more waiting for factories, make product prototypes on your desktop in seconds.Your ideas on your schedule.

Factory Lead time on parts 3 weeks

FormBox Lead time on parts 3 minutes

Iterate at lightning speed

Try out ideas in a flash. Make alterations on the fly. No need to send revisions to the factory just change them in your own time.

Factory Time per iteration - weeks

FormBox Time per iteration - minutes

Save money

No more MoQs. Make 1 or make 100 -just £1 /sheet and no set up costs.

Factory Cost per part - £100s

FormBox Cost per part - £1

Super Smooth Finish

Mayku Sheets are flexible and smooth, giving you a perfect finish every time.

Crystal Clarity

Mayku Cast Sheets are optically clear perfect for prototyping glass, water or windscreens.

Food Safe

Mayku Cast Sheets are food safe, used widely in the chocolate industry. Perfect for moulds.

Incredible Detail

When softened, FormBox sheets can pick up texture as fine as human hair. Making sure you get precision forms every time.

Works With Any 3D Printer

The FormBox works with both FDM and SLA printers to make perfect forms every time.

Built To Last

The FormBox has been rigorously tested to over 10000 usage cycles, ensuring your machine will last you for 10 years with normal utilisation.

Save thousands compared to
outsourcing production

Bring industrial grade vacuum forming to your desktop and turbocharge your business today.

Set up cost £599

Lead time Minutes

Cost per part £1

Time per iteration Minutes

Outsourced Production

Set up cost £2000

Lead time Weeks

Cost per part £100s

Time per iteration Weeks

Features And Specs At A Glance

Universal Vacuum Adaptor

Connect the Mayku FormBox using an adaptor that fits any standard vacuum cleaner.

Auto On/Off

When the trays are pulled down, an automatic trigger will turn on the suction of your connected vacuum cleaner.


A timer is activated after the plastic has been inserted and the temperature set.The built-in speakers will alert you when the plastic is ready to be formed.

Heat Control

A 1000w ceramic heater with a range of 160c to 340c, and a dial to precisely set the correct temperature for your plastic to form.

Forming Area

The Mayku FormBox has a 200x200mm Forming area.

Draw Depth

Form objects as high as 130mm - that's double most small industrial machines.

Thick Or Thin

Work with thermoplastics between 0.5mm and 1.5mm thick.

Steel Bearings

Abec 5 bearings for super smooth silky use.


Which materials can I form with?

The Mayku FormBox works best with Mayku Cast Sheets (PETg) and Mayku Form Sheets (HIPS) however it will work well with most thermoplastic sheets.

Which materials can I pour in the moulds?

We've worked with concrete, plaster, wax, resin, soap, foam, silicone, jelly, chocolate, jesmonite, and even ice.

What can I use to make a template?

Materials ideal for making templates include: soft wood; MDF; most plastics; high-density tooling foam; 3D printed plastics; PLA, ABS; resin; stacked card and paper; Play Dough; air-drying clay; foodstuff such as potatoes or bananas; metals.

What kinds of vacuum cleaner can I used?

We've designed an adaptor that enables the FormBox to work with any vacuum cleaner under 2000 watts.

Join the Revolution

Invest in a Mayku FormBox today and start your own microfacturing revolution.

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