to move forward with
genuine Windows and Office

Non-genuine software is a risky investment

While PCs with non-genuine software may seemingly offer immediate cost benefits, users are exposing themselves to mounting costs and multiple security risks over the long term, with malware costing ten times the amount of purchasing a genuine operating system.*

68 percent of shell PCs* are shipped with a non-genuine version of Windows Pro.**

Four billion US dollars is the estimated cost of dealing with malware on shell PCs.*

663 US dollars is the average cost over the life of a PC without the intended operating system, compared to less than 100 US dollars with the operating system.*

*A shell is a software interface that is often a command line interface that enables the user to interact with the computer.
**IDC white paper, sponsored by Microsoft. Pay Now and Save Later: The Argument for Only Buying a PC with an Authentic Version of Windows Pro. IDC doc. #US48082321, August 2021.

The confidence to move forward

Microsoft genuine software provides the security, updates, and support you need. Get the best experience, build trust, and avoid risk—buy Microsoft genuine software.

Risk of non-genuine software

Think twice before your next purchase.

Non-genuine software may come with viruses and would lack the security measures needed to detect them. You may be opening


Malware can contain ransomware, which may block access to data or user accounts unless a ransom is paid.

Reputation and material damage

Hackers can destroy your business data and other valuable information. These security breaches may harm your image and erode customer trust.

Identity theft

Your personal and financial data may be compromised, which may result in financial damage. It could even be used for criminal activities.

Stolen credit card or bank details

Hackers can clone your credit card and access your bank accounts, resulting in financial loss for you or your business.

Business disruption

A data breach can bring your entire business operation to a halt and harm your website, CRM, and accounting systems.

Data loss

You could lose important personal files and business data like customer and accounting information.

How do I know I’m using genuine software?

Make sure it’s licensed.

Before purchasing a new PC, make sure genuine Windows is pre-installed on the device.

All Windows PCs must have a license, which allows you to upgrade your version through volume licensing.

Volume licensing agreements only cover Windows software upgrades. Only PCs are bundled with a full base license (OEM/GGWA/FPP/ESD.)

Consumer versions of Windows are NOT eligible for Volume Licensing upgrades to Windows Pro.

Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA) is the legalization solution for corporate users who want to legitimize Windows Pro licenses on existing devices. For all new devices, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) base licenses are required.

How do I avoid non-genuine software?

Follow this software purchasing guide.