Netgear Hard Drives

Since 1996 Netgear have provided networking and computer storage solutions to homes and businesses worldwide. Priding themselves on being completely customer-driven it is no surprise that Netgear are not only one of the preferred computing solution companies in the UK but are a leading computer networking and storage solutions across the world.

Netgear Hard Drives stand up to the reputation that Netgear have built up over the years. Built with reliability in mind their hard drive range includes hard drives ideal for both small-medium businesses as well as large corporate organisations. For storing, sharing and centralising files all with the peace of mind of cutting-edge security protection, a Netgear hard drive is a wise computer storage solution.

Netgear now provides a selection of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, which are built to be directly connected to your network. This allows centralised access to the data on your network for multiple network users. Netgear's range of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices include both desktop and rackmount computer storage solutions.

Whilst Netgear cater for home computing use with their dominance in the Internet connectivity sector of the computer industry their hard drives are targeted solely for business use. As a result the entry level price for a Netgear hard drive is just above the £200 mark. However, for reliability and durability you will receive a Netgear hard drive, not to mention the top notch customer service you will receive. Netgear are arguably one of the most reputable companies you can deal with when it comes to meeting your business computing needs.

Netgear Networking

With a vast range of networking products for both home and business, Netgear have established themselves as one of the leading networking manufacturers in the world. Their networking range includes both wired and wireless products, enabling flexible networking both in the workplace and in the home. Over the years Netgear have endeavoured to maximise the flexibility, security and usability of their networking products and today are proud to offer a broad range of computer networking solutions that cater for a home computing environment as well as solutions that are capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding large office networks.

With networking products spanning the entire spectrum of the market, all built with quality and flexibility in mind, it is no surprise that Netgear are the choice for many when it comes to meeting their networking needs, whether it is a home owner looking to bring wireless internet to their home or a large corporate enterprise looking to keep up with the very latest in cutting-edge networking technology.