NETGEAR access points deliver an increase in performance, more reliability and tighter security. All at a lower cost of deployment.

Why you should make the switch to Wi-Fi 6

Three times the speed. Wi-Fi 6 can theoretically reach 9.6Gbps, compared to 3.5Gbps of Wi-Fi 5.

Keep everyone connected. Many more devices can connect without overloading the network.

More efficient. Wi-Fi 6 allows access points to signal when to turn a devices Wi-Fi radios on-and-off. This helps conserve power and increase battery life.

Better performance. Wi-Fi 5 could send out multiple connections, but not receive them. Wi-Fi 6 can do both for faster performance under a congested load.

More channels. Wi-Fi 6 splits wireless channels into multiple sub-channels, so access points can clearly communicate with individual devices.