Medically Rated Blue Light Blockers

Our medically rated screen protectors filter out harmful blue light, to protect your eyes, skin and help you sleep better...

Protect your eyes

From eye strain, and the bad things that go with it: headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, blurry vision.

Protect your sleep

Blue light makes your body forget when it’s bedtime. No blue light… doesn’t.

Protect your screen

Tough tempered glass – 5X stronger than traditional screen protectors.

True screen colours

No retro orange tinge. You'll see the same screen colours as normal (unlike night mode).

Protect your eyes from your screen, and your screen from prying eyes.

Designed to filter out nosy colleagues and crashes in productivity. Our new screen protector keeps your eyes safe and your work well-hidden.

With an anti-glare, blue light filter to prevent eye strain and the bad things that go with it… headaches… dizziness… not being able to get much done. And a smart coating that looks invisible to you, but pitch-black from nearly every other angle. So you can work in peace, even when you’re in public.

"Blue light from digital devices is a hazard to our health."

"Smartphone overuse may ‘damage’ eyes"

"Terrible night’s sleep? Blame your mobile phone"