PC Builder

Alphasync PC Builder

The Ebuyer PC builder will be back. And, thanks to our partnership with AlphaSync, our PC Builder will be bigger and better than ever allowing you to design your own ultimate gaming or high-spec PC. Simply choose the components you want and the amazing AlphaSync team will hand build your new PC for you.

Want to build a custom PC?

Hey – we’re here to help. If you want your very own, completely bespoke PC give us a call. If they can source the components you need The AlphaSync team will be happy to build you a special one-off custom PC. Just ask.


AlphaSync – the PC Builder alternative

Here at Ebuyer we stock the exclusive AlphaSync range of high-end gaming PCs, workstations and high-performance computers for the business or home user. You can’t buy them anywhere else and you couldn’t build a comparable PC for the cost. Endorsed by Cyborg Angel you can check out some of the best-selling models below.