Powerful Gaming Laptops

Powered by 4th generation Intel processors and NVIDIA GTX graphics, PC Specialist's Gaming Laptops deliver an immersive gaming experience in a portable format. With three different ranges to choose from; Cosmos, Optimus & Vortex, we are confident that you will find the perfect gaming laptop to take your gaming to the next level!

Pc Specialist Cosmos

PC Specialist Cosmos II Series

Available in both 15.6" and 17.3" sizes, the Cosmos II Series Gaming Laptops will allow you to breeze through your daily tasks and enjoy the latest games on a budget.

Featuring 4th generation Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series Graphics, the Cosmos II Series will cure those headaches from having a slow, none-responsive laptop when playing your favourite games or editing your latest videos and gaming streams.

With prices starting from £549.99, the Cosmos II Series laptops are designed with value for money in mind. There is nothing else on the market with can offer the same price/performance ratio, so if you are new to PC gaming or working to a tight budget, the Cosmos II is for you.

Pc Specialist Optimus

PC Specialist Optimus V Series

The Optimus V Series Gaming Laptops are available in both 15.6" & 17.3" screen sizes, allowing you to choose which best suits your needs.

Powered by a 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M Graphics Card, the Optimus V Series will crunch through all of today's games at ease. It doesn't stop there though, with the powerful hardware PC Specialist include in this Optimus V laptops, you can be sure that future AAA gaming titles will run at high frames per second (FPS) for years to come.

The Optimus V Series are PC Specialist's best-selling laptops by a long shot, and with prices at Ebuyer starting from £779.99, the Optimus V Series delivers un-matched performance for under £1,000.

Pc Specialist Vortex

PC Specialist Vortex IV Series

The flagship of PC Specialist's Gaming Laptops is the Vortex IV Series. Designed with all-out performance in mind, there is simply no other choice if all you want is raw power.

Powered by 4th generation Intel Core i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 9 Series Graphics, the Vortex Series will are not happy unless you're maxing out the graphics settings in your favourite games. Featuring the latest hardware, such as solid state drives (SSDs) and cool new features such as backlit keyboards, the Vortex IV Gaming laptops are the pinnacle in PC Specialist's gaming laptop range.

Prices start at an incredible XXXX (TBC), so if you want the latest and most powerful hardware available without the insane price tags, look no further than tha Vortex IV Series.