Configuration Services

Ebuyer’s configuration service for PCs, laptops, and tablets provides a standard build across all your hardware.  Maximise productivity and have your new computer hardware ready to go as soon as it’s removed from the box.

Pre-configured tech frees up your in-house resources and ensures standardisation throughout your organisation.  This enables you to roll out solutions to multiple locations across your business saving time and money during initial deployment.

Hardware configuration service

Configuring hardware, desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets can represent a huge overhead with a significant drain on technical resources.  Yet it is critically important to maintain a standard configuration across an estate in order to be able to provide efficient and effective support to your users.

All your computers will arrive ready to go and be configured to a pre-agreed personalised template, including any applications required by your users.  All bloatware and unwanted programmes will be removed.

Dead on arrival checking service

Avoid frustrating and expensive delays in production by eradicating the possibility of new hardware failing to function.  There is nothing worse than taking delivery of new hardware, only to discover the vendor has shipped faulty or incomplete equipment.

With Ebuyer’s DOA checking service you can rest assured when you take delivery of your new equipment it will be exactly as specified and in full working order.

Asset tagging

Identify, manage, and track your hardware with asset tagging from Ebuyer Pro Services.  Safeguard your investment in your IT procurement with our robust tags and keep track of your key assets.

Our asset tagging service not only helps you keep track of your hardware but minimises downtime by identifying equipment needing maintenance or repair.

Security is improved as the location of assets can be monitored and changes in configuration can be tracked.  As can any unauthorised software or hardware changes.

configuration services