DDOS Protection

Ebuyer’s DDoS & DDoS+ Protection Service safeguards a customer’s bandwidth against volumetric and application layer denial of service attacks. Ideal for companies with a commercial internet presence, our service ensures availability for a highly competitive OPEX monthly rental cost.

DDoS attacks are frequently launched by hackers controlling BotNets; a cloud based swarm of remotely controlled devices. In a typical attack the resources of the target system are exhausted by the demands of the BotNet, either in terms of bandwidth or webpage requests.

An attack can last for anything from a matter of hours to several days, and during this time internal and external users will be unable to access web content and cloud services. This, of course, will impact your customers and staff with a loss of productivity and online revenue.

Our DDoS protection plan provides a NetScrubbing service which allows us to re-direct in-bound volumetric DDoS traffic away from our ISP infrastructure. Only valid traffic is fed back in and reaches its correct destination. This is a reactive service based on core network alarms detecting abnormal traffic loads.

Application layer is another DDoS attack which is rapidly becoming the most common type of attack on UK data centres.  80% of these attacks are below 50Mbps which is low enough to slip past the usual volumetric network defences.

Both types of attacks are being used in conjunction with each other, the volumetric attacks masking the more subtle applications layer exploitation.

With DDoS+ Protection your infrastructure is further protected proactively by an intelligent appliance in our network core which senses behaviour changes in traffic patterns.

Any traffic which is detected as anomalous is blocked before it reaches the host system. This is combined with the NetScrubbing service to protect against both low-and-slow application based intrusions as well as volumetric attacks.

Key Benefits

  •  Cost effective– Eliminate expensive solutions by using an OPEX monthly rental solution to mitigate the risks
  •  Confidence & compliance– With N4Protect DDoS you can help your customers achieve compliance, and boost their confidence in your business systems
  •  Business continuity – DDoS+ Protection keeps subscribers’ services online for the duration of the attack duration.  There is no sustained loss of service either on the premises or in our data centre
  •  24 x 7 x 365 service– Your cloud infrastructure or website is connected to the service and our helpdesk team responds to incidents 24/7
  •  Performance & scalability– The DDoS defences have minimal impact on throughput to your host system. Unlimited bandwidth protection is available
  •  Comprehensive protection– Ebuyer’s DDoS+ Protection Service defends against all attack methods with re-active volumetric protection and pro-active application protection
  •  Responsive service– Our experienced and accredited engineers are dedicated to ensuring you enjoy the best user experience through a range of support packages tailored to your business requirements
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