DR as a Service

Catastrophic server hardware failure or, even worse, the outage of an entire office location, will be disastrous for any company which does not have robust plans in place for rapid recovery. Ebuyer’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) introduces the replication and hosting of your physical, or virtual servers, to our state of the art data centre and Cloud platform.  This provides failover and continued delivery of your business critical applications in the event of any incident resulting in your inability to deliver the applications yourself.

Ebuyer’s DRaaS service will be specifically designed around your business’s requirements and expectations.  Typically focusing on your most critical applications, DRaaS will be supported by a robust Service Level Agreement defining the amount of time needed to get your systems, data, and users back up and running.

Using our DRaaS means that you will not have to invest in, and maintain, your own off-site DR environment. An additional benefit is our service is completely flexible and can change as your business’s needs grow. You can put absolute trust in Ebuyer Pro Services to get you up and running quickly, and without fuss, should the worst happen.

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