PS5 Digital Pre-Order Update and Apology

10/12/20 - Along with all other retailers, Ebuyer has received disappointing news from Sony today. Unfortunately they have confirmed that they are unable to supply us with any more PS5 Digital consoles before the end of the year.

We realise how upsetting this will be to all of our loyal customers who pre-ordered their new PlayStation from us and were expecting to receive it before Christmas. We sincerely apologise to everyone affected by this.

We have sent an email to all of our customers who have pre-ordered but not received their consoles. We can confirm that when the pre-order was placed with us via a card payment we authorised the card but NO PAYMENT was taken at that stage. If you used PayPal the funds will be refunded as soon as the order is cancelled. If you want to cancel your order then please email and we will process this straight away for you. Please do not attempt to call our team, as the wait times for answering calls are much longer than usual.

We do expect further stock from Sony but it will not be until January. Unfortunately, Sony is unable to tell us how many units we will receive. Because of this we’re unable to guarantee that existing pre-orders will be fulfilled in January.

We are of course working hard to clarify the situation with Sony.

Once again we apologise sincerely for the disappointment. Unfortunately the lack of supply from Sony has affected all retailers. But please bear with us as we try to rectify the situation and seek clarity from Sony regarding future stock.

PS5 Digital FAQs

Here you’ll find the most asked questions concerning the PlayStation 5 launch. Please read these before contacting our Customer Services team, as we hope to answer the majority of questions you may have and hopefully this will save you time. We will be adding more regularly asked questions to this FAQ as they arise.

Do you take full payment for a pre-order?

We do not take full payment for a pre-order. At the time the pre-order is placed we take your payment details but do not take payment until the order is physically shipped.

If you used PayPal the funds will be refunded as soon as the order is cancelled. If you want to cancel your order then please email and we will process this straight away for you.

Why did you take more pre-orders than your allocation?

Sony did not provide any details of shipment numbers to retailers before the launch, which meant retailers were all left in the dark. We were asked to take pre-orders and then report back to Sony, who would then allocate stock based on these pre-orders. However, demand exceeded supply. Sony then decided to allocate a percentage of the pre-orders taken by each retailer. This is why all retailers, big or small, find themselves in the same position. Once Sony confirmed the amounts we would receive for launch we sent out an email to all pre-order customers to let them know if they would get one for launch or not. It is certainly not an ideal situation. At the moment we are waiting for more information from Sony.

If I don’t get a PS5 Digital for launch how long will I be waiting?

All of the initial launch stock has been shipped so we are now looking for further stock to fulfil our pre-orders. As we get more information from Sony on a shipment schedule, we will update this FAQ page. Customers waiting for their order will be contacted as soon as we have more information.

When will the PS5 Digital be on sale again?

Only when we are certain of allocating a future supply will we enable the ‘Buy’ button. We are working hard with Sony to ensure we receive stock in the numbers we need. We recognise how frustrating this is for you, our loyal customers, and we would like to assure you that it is frustrating for us, too. As soon as we have updates, you will find them on here.

Post PS5 Digital launch how are you handling pre-orders?

Once we have an ETA for new stock, we will re-open for pre-orders. These will be placed in a ‘first come first served’ queue for each model when you purchase. We will share the expected delivery date information supplied by Sony on this FAQ page.

Will you have any free stock to sell before the end of 2020?

As things stand, this seems very unlikely. However, we are speaking to Sony on a daily basis to help satisfy demand. We do think that we’ll be open for more pre-orders before the end of 2020 and we will put an estimated delivery date on the product page. The fastest way to get a PS5 Digital will be to place a pre-order when we re-open them.

I have already placed a pre-order with Ebuyer for the PS5 Digital. What happens now?

Our initial launch stock has all been sent out, so if you have not received notification and delivery, then you are in a queue for stock coming in after launch.

Why you should keep your Pre-order with us

Please know that we are doing everything we can to meet the unprecedented demand for the new Playstation 5 console. Our team is working very closely with Sony to make sure we’re getting the best supply in the UK.

All retailers are in the same position at the moment, but we will endeavour to do absolutely everything we can to ensure our customers get their Playstation 5 as soon as is possible. Keep checking back to this FAQ page for new updates.