A TV built for your business

Samsung Business TV

Why Samsung Business TV?

For many businesses, displaying content on commercial TVs is essential for effective customer communication. But it’s often not easy to keep them updated with limited time and resources. Samsung Business TV enables enterprises of all sizes to maximize the benefits of commercial TVs. The versatile Business TVs can be easily integrated with their associated content management app, empowering businesses to manage their own content - no matter how little time and resources they have. Samsung Business TV offers companies with physical locations a powerful, yet simple way of better communicating with their customers.

Intuitive software

Not a content expert? No problem. You can confidently use Samsung Business TV’s app without any experience - all processes are easy.

Attractive content

With lots of high quality, free templates tailored for various business needs included, you can create impactful and eye-catching content immediately.

No hidden costs

All you need to do is download the app to your smartphone or tablet.
No additional cost required.

Samsung BE43A-H

4K HDR Smart Business TV

  • Eye-catching content for your business
  • Control content with your personal device using Samsung Business TV app
  • Simple setup in minutes
  • More than 100 pre-loaded templates for do-it-yourself content creation

Choose your size

50" 55"

Do more with your TV

Capture the imagination of customers and share your brand without static, outdated paper displays. Tap into the easy-to-use Business TV app, which lets you easily show relevant advertising alongside scheduled TV programming to deliver the right mix of content.

Eye-catching content for your business

Crystal-clear UHD resolution makes for a memorable viewing experience. Available in a range of sizes to fit seamlessly into any space, on any budget. Engineered to operate 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an impressive warranty for total peace of mind.

Control content with your personal device

Use the Samsung Business TV app from any Android or iOS device to remotely manage and control content, enabling efficiency on-the-go while creating a more convenient and seamless experience.

Simple setup in minutes

A step-by-step tutorial makes setting up the Business TV easy, guiding you from the moment you first switch the display on. This removes any typical technical difficulties involved with setup. With the intuitive Business TV app, you are connected and ready to go immediately.

Design content with the click of a button

Utilise your display in a variety of innovative, customised ways with easy access to over 100 pre-loaded templates, from L-Bar layouts to motion-embedded content that helps bring messages and promotions to life while aligning with your business values.

Easy content management

Manage content with just a few taps. Samsung Business TV allows you to edit, review, finalise and deploy content across multiple displays with a simple user interface and intuitive functionality.

Focus on your business, not your TV

Every Business TV is equipped with an on/off timer to automatically operate only when you need, removing any technical hassle and allowing you to focus on your business, with a PIN system for complete protection and uninterrupted content at all times.