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These are unusual times. If you have children, they’re now off school because of the coronavirus pandemic. So that means you’ll spending almost all of your time at home – because, in effect, your kids have a four-month long school holiday.

That’s a lot of keeping everybody occupied. Nothing worse than boredom. Here are Ebuyer’s tips on products needed to stay entertained...


The Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox console bundles offer the whole gaming experience in a ‘ready to rumble’ package. The gaming device itself plus accessories and a bunch of top quality games.

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If you think a gaming PC is more your family’s thing, our AlphaSync range offers high-performance machines built for a fully immersive gaming experience.

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If space in your home is tight, a laptop could be the way to go. Portable and powerful, maximise computing capability with one of the latest models.

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Compact and portable, tablet PCs are perfect for your kids to carry around with them so they can play or ‘do their socials’ from anywhere in the house. In fact, they’re perfect for every member of the family.

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You could spend some time catching up on your box sets, plus all of the latest drops from the streaming services. Our range of TVs offers high quality and great value, plus all of the latest features.

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You might want to think about the efficiency of your home’s tech set-up. If several people access your internet connection at the same time, a new router or home network system (such as the Tenda NOVA MW5) is an invaluable ‘fix’.

Also consider mesh router and powerline adapters. Both expand the reach of your network signal to all corners of your home.

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For some of us there will be an extra necessity during these unusual times. Check out Ebuyer’s guide to working from home.