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What is Smart Heating?

Make your home as comfortable as it could possibly be. Never wait for a hot bath, or come home from work to a cold house again. With Smart heating, you can control your heating and your hot water from your smartphone, wherever you are. Create schedules that fit around any lifestyle whilst saving on your energy bills.

With certain products, you can even leave it to learn itself so you don’t need to program it, you simply enjoy the benefits.

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Learn about Smart Heating

Remote controlled heating

With the touch of a button turn on the heating system on before you get home from work. You can turn the heating on / off and adjust the settings from anywhere simply by using your mobile phone.

Control your hot water

Similarly, to your heating you can also control your hot water. Set schedules for your hot water so that you can run a bath or enjoy a hot shower when it suits you. You will be saving on bills and reducing waste.

Schedules that fit your lifestyle

Are you an early riser or a night owl? Make sure your heating schedule fits your lifestyle, wake up to warmth or turn the system off completely while you holiday, saving on energy bills.


Do you have a room which is always cooler than the rest of your home? With some of our smart home tech you are able to set differing temperatures for different zones within the house. For example, you might want a cool kitchen while the nursery is 16–20 degrees.

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