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What is a Smart Home?

Make your home as comfortable as it could possibly be. Never wait for a hot bath, or come home from work to a cold house again. With Smart heating, you can control your heating and your hot water from your smartphone, wherever you are. Create schedules that fit around any lifestyle whilst saving on your energy bills.

With certain products, you can even leave it to learn itself so you don’t need to program it, you simply enjoy the benefits.

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A day in your Smart Home


You wake up to a nice toasty house because you programmed your hive thermostat to warm the house prior to your alarm in the morning. The hot water is warmed up.


You left the house in a hurry and forgot to turn the living room light off, you log into your Phillips app and switch it off, saving energy and money on your monthly bills.


The post man turns up at your front door with a parcel you have been waiting for, for weeks, you log into your ring app and advise the post man to leave it in a safe place.


Your hive window sensor detects that the window has been opened, you receive a notification immediately and can quickly check up on this.


You’ve just cooked your evening meal and have accidentally left a pan on the hob. Your smoke detector will let you know what and where the issue is.


You’ve been reading in bed and realise you have forgotten to turn off the hall light, at the click of a button using your mobile app you can switch it off without having to move.