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What is Smart Lighting?

Change the atmosphere of your house at the push of a button. From turning lights on and off, to creating a romantic setting, setting up disco lights for a house party or even having your lights react to your mobile notifications such as reminders. Smart tech lighting can transform your home into a smart home.

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Learn about Smart Lighting

Motion Detection

Schedule your lights to work with your movements, you can program them to turn on and off when you enter or leave a room. You can even program the intensity of your lighting, why not have a gentle glow first thing in the morning to bring you round comfortably.

Set the mood for every occasion

Change the colour of the lights in each room, you are able to choose from a list of shades. Perfect for any occasion.

No effort required

Everyone’s been there, that moment when you have just got comfortable in bed and realise you’ve left a light on in the bathroom. With smart lighting, you are able to switch it off using your mobile phone without leaving your bed.

Light security

Why not set your lighting to a schedule while you are away from home? Your lights will go on and off when you ask them to. You are even able to control each room individually to simulate your normal evening routine.

Videos about Smart Lighting