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What is Smart Power?

Be in control of your energy usage! Monitor and modify your power settings to makes sure you’re not wasting energy and money each month. Turn appliances on and off from anywhere. Set schedules while you’re away so your lights come on and make your house appear occupied.

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Monitor bad habits

Is someone in the family leaving a light on or draining energy by leaving the X box on standby? Keep tabs on exactly what your energy bill includes and save yourself money by making changes.

Instant Turn off

Everyone’s had that moment of panic when you leave the house and can’t quite remember if you’ve left the iron on. Turn off appliances from your phone from anywhere.

On demand

Geofencing allows you to schedule rules based on your proximity to home for example when your desperate for a coffee fix you can ask the kettle to boil when you’re a few minutes away from home.

Total Control

You can link your smart tech to as many appliances as you wish and set individual rules and routines for each item or they can be grouped.

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