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What is Smart Security?

Why not use smart security to ensure your home and your family safe. Smart security brands allow you to monitor all visitors coming and going from your property. You can set up alerts for when windows and doors are opened, or have your doorbell webcam show you who is outside your property through your mobile phone wherever you are.

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Why buy?

- Prevention of burglars by having visible security systems in place.
- The ability to check in and keep watch of your property.
- The ability to act quickly and record intruders in your home.

Real time footage

You can record or view in real time, security footage straight to your mobile phone and check on your home wherever you are at any time day or night using the impressive night vision mode.

Motion notifications

Program your device to notify you when any unusual activity takes place within your property.

Speak to visitors

Expecting a package or see someone unusual stood at your front door? Speak directly to visitors wherever you are using your mobile phone.

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