What are Smart TVs?

Despite their name they don’t have any futuristic artificial intelligence. A Smart TV won’t be making you toast in the morning, but it does have integrated internet and built-in features for streaming content. Like a smartphone, it has pre-installed apps and others which can be downloaded or upgraded on demand.

The difference with Smart TVs are the built-in apps and web functionality; you don’t need to connect a laptop to access the internet or online subscription channels such as Netflix.

Why you need a Smart TV?

More of us are moving away from traditional programming to viewing internet based content and catch-up TV. A Smart TV allows you to watch online subscription services and even browse the web whilst also being able to view terrestrial and satellite channels.

Most televisions now have an HDMI slot allowing the user to hook up their laptop and stream internet content to the TV.

What about the software?

Smart TVs have been criticised in the past for their poor apps. However, the new breed of Smart TVs feature high-quality software which provide an exciting and diverse viewing experience.

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