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Ebuyer is one of the UK's leading online electrical retailers and has been providing ICT solutions to over 13,000 schools since 1999.

From installations to deployment, from hardware to software, and from trade-in to removal, Ebuyer's education team provides schools and colleges a complete 360 service all year round.

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whether you're looking for products to fill a large school auditorium. a server room or a school office. we can provide you with a tailored solution specific to your ICT needs.

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"The machines power up effortlessly, there's no waiting for updates or for the log in screen. The children now have everything they need infront of them with space to work whilst the explanations of activities take place."

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"The children have adapted very well to the new equipment - they find the computers easy to use and the system is simple to navigate. They are now more focused in all subjects. The children were overjoyed at the change."

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