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If you are looking for top of the class performance, peace of mind reliability and built-in security than look no further than a Dell notebook. An ideal machine for busy executives and power users Dell laptops are designed to ensure maximum productivity. And, being lightweight and portable, they are ideal work companions when travelling or commuting.

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Dell Latitude

Dell's range of Latitude laptops are designed to meet the needs of people who need to combine portability with power. With the latest Intel processors, plenty of RAM memory and large capacity hard drives or SSDs these machines deliver an exceptional performance.

And, to ensure that creativity as well as productivity is boosted, professional versions of the latest Windows software is pre-installed on all Dell laptops.

Battery life is an important consideration for the mobile professional. And the efficient design provides low power consumption which in turn ensures longer battery life. Ideal for long meetings or travelling on the train. And, with convenient and easy to use docking and connectivity options, you can take your laptop with you wherever you go.

Security as standard

Dell recognise that importance security and the need for users to ensure their data is completely safe. Their machines offer state of the art data protection and encryption along with optional fingerprint readers and other built-in security features that make Dell laptops the most secure on the market.

A range of display options

Whether you are looking for a smaller 12" or larger 15.6" screen you will be assured on high resolution displays with bright and vibrant colours. You can also find touchscreen functionality and tough guerrilla glass for added ruggedness.

Great choice at Ebuyer

Pound for pound Dell laptops offer fantastic value for money. And here at you will always find the best deals so why not browse through the full selection today and order your machine for fast UK delivery straight to your door.