Medion Laptops

Medion Computers pack a punch!

German design and quality is at the forefront of the MEDION AKOYA and ERAZER Laptops and PC range. The brand has been established since 1983 and in the UK since 1998 and is now part of the Lenovo group. Medion laptops are packed full of A-Brand components from the likes of Intel, NVIDIA, Samsung and more.

The latest Medion technology

MEDION ERAZER offers you high-end gaming systems packed full of the latest technology! The ERAZER Laptops, PCs and accessories are specially designed for optimum performance. Medion provides top performance products at competitive prices and have gained a fantastic reputation in recent years, making them hot competition for the all the leading brands.

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Medion laptops for gamers

The ERAZER P-Series is developed with Casual Gamers in mind. This chassis features discrete Gaming styling allowing the device to be used for Gaming and work. Packed full of the latest Intel and NVIDIA components the P Series is ideal for casual gamers who want power for their challenges.

For hardcore gamers

The ERAZER X-Series is aimed at the hardcore gamer with a much more aggressive look with sharp edges, illuminated keys and ERAZER logo. Featuring the latest Processors from Intel and top spec 10 series cards from NVIDIA, the X-Series offers the performance Pro-Gamers demand. In the heat of battle, you'll need that extra power and precision to beat the opposition!

Windows 10 benefits

Windows 10 Home is pre-installed on all Medion computers which provides a multitude of benefits over previous versions of Windows including quicker start-up, streamlined start-up menu, better security and a gaming centre allowing you to optimize PC Gaming performance.

Lazer sharp pictures

Yes, you need the power and all the additional elements such as super-smooth keyboards with high reaction times, but you also need to see the action with sharpness of picture and depth of colour. Medion laptops enable you see the games exactly how they were meant to be seen, for the optimum gaming experience.

Get your Medion laptop delivered fast

We have next day delivery options available so you can start gaming on your Medion gaming computer asap! We also have finance deals available on certain models, so check each individual product for details.