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Striking a nice balance between size, price, and quality, 24" monitors make for a great choice in any computer setup. Browse our range of 24" monitors below.

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Is 24" Good for a Monitor?

When it comes to monitors, TVs, and projectors, it's often said that bigger is better. This isn't always the case, however. In many ways, a 24" monitor is an ideal size for the average computer setup. It's not too small or too large, and it's affordable to boot. Even though there's plenty of 27", 32", and even 34"-and-larger monitors to choose from here at Ebuyer, for many, a 24-inch monitor is all that's needed to comfortably browse the web, watch YouTube videos, and type up the odd document.

What are the Benefits of a 24" Monitor?

As you'll see browsing our range, monitors come in all sorts of sizes. While a 22" monitor might've been suitable in the past, you won't find too many of them on the market these days. 24" is essentially the baseline size for a monitor now, and for good reason.

24" Monitors for Gaming

A 24-inch monitor doesn't have to be just for casual use. Many gaming pros actually prefer a more compact 24" gaming monitor so that they can keep their game entirely in their peripheral vision. Go for too large of a display and you'll have to crane your neck from one edge of the screen to the other, impeding your reaction time.

Best Monitor Size for 1080p

There's also the fact that 1080p (the most popular monitor resolution) will still look decently sharp on a 24-inch monitor. When blown up to a size larger than 24", 1080p can become noticeably pixelated even at a regular viewing distance. But when 1080p is compressed to fit a 24-inch monitor, it'll hold up in videos and games. This makes a 24" 1080p monitor a great choice for a budget gaming PC build.

Multi-Monitor Setup

Moreover, a 24-inch monitor is a great choice if you plan to run a multi-monitor setup or a laptop-monitor combination. The relatively compact form factor will make it easy to fit two, or maybe even three, 24" monitors on your desk. That said, it's best to mount multiple monitors on a monitor arm to maximise usable desk space.

What's a Good Price for a 24" Monitor?

As one of the more popular sizes of monitor, the market for 24-inch monitors is very competitive. There's a wide range of models to choose from with prices starting at as low as £70. These affordable 24" monitors are more than adequate for everyday tasks like casual web browsing. Bump your budget up to around the £150 mark, however, and you'll be able to pick up a 24-inch gaming monitor with at least a smooth 144Hz refresh rate. Alternatively, more business-oriented monitors with adjustable stands for ergonomic comfort are available at this price point.

24" Monitors at Ebuyer

Here at Ebuyer, we stock a range of 24" monitors from all the top brands, including AOC, iiyama, and more.

If you want your new 24-inch monitor by tomorrow, next-day delivery is available. We also offer finance packages for added flexibility. And don't forget the Ebuyer Price Match Promise - we won't be beaten on price.