Somewhere between a smartphone and laptop in size, functionality, and convenience, tablets are a welcome addition to households and many businesses. We stock all the leading tablet brands at the best prices.

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A number of leading tech brands have released their own series of tablets. Tablets vary in size, specifications and even their intended age group, as some companies have also released tablets specifically developed for kids.

If you're considering a tablet over a laptop, it's worth looking into which products are best suited to your lifestyle. For example, while students using their tablets for reading and surfing the net might opt for a small model like the Apple iPad Mini, graphic designers, photographers, or illustrators might opt for a larger Samsung Galaxy Tab, which uses a high-quality AMOLED display.

Which Operating Systems Do Tablets Use?

For the most part, this depends on the brand of the tablet. iPads, being Apple products, will use iOS operating systems, including iOS 17. Android tablets will use a version of Google's Android operating system, or even Chrome OS. At Ebuyer, you'll find the operating system of each tablet listed in the Technical Specification section of their listing.

How Long Does a Tablet Battery Last?

Battery life varies from tablet to tablet. It's largely dependant on the capacity of the battery, which is measured in milliamp-hour, or mAh for short. You'll find a tablet's mAh battery capacity somewhere in its spec-sheet. Broadly speaking, the larger the tablet, the larger the battery as well.

For example, the 8.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has a 5,100mAh battery, while the 10.5" Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is equipped with a 7,040mAh battery. You can expect something similar when comparing Apple's tablet line-up. An enormous 12.9" Apple iPad Pro is going to have a considerably beefier battery than an 8.3" Apple iPad Mini, which isn't that much larger than some of today's plus-sized smartphones.

That being said, battery life will of course differ according to how you use your tablet. If you're just flipping through an ebook before bed, a tablet's battery will hardly drain at all. On the other hand, running resource-intensive software at max brightness is sure to zap the battery of charge. Regardless, all the tablets we sell at Ebuyer are lightweight, portable, and will last at least will last at least 7 hours in day-to-day tasks.

Can You Put a SIM Card In a Tablet?

Every tablet featured on this page can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. This is perfect if you mostly use your tablet at home or at work, places where you know you'll have access to a reliable, secure internet connection. But what about when you're out-and-about, perhaps in a café or on the train to work?

If you'd rather not sign up and connect to free public Wi-Fi, which can be middling at the best of times, there's tablets with SIM card slots. Purchase a data-only SIM card and slot it into one of these tablets, and you'll be able to access mobile 4G/5G networks as you would with a smartphone.

Tablets at Ebuyer

Here at Ebuyer, we stock Apple iPads as well as a range of Android tablets from the likes of Samsung and others. While you're here, why not check our out tablet accessories, including cases and keyboards. Spread the cost of your purchase with our flexible finance offers. And if you want your new tablet by tomorrow, next-day delivery is also available.