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It’s a mystery to most of us how our keyboards get so dirty and crumb encrusted; although eating at our desk while we work may have something to do with it. Likewise the fingerprints and smudges on our monitors. As for the layer of dust on our computer case….


AF Foamclene Anti Static Foaming Cleaner - 300ml

  • Foaming cleaner for removing ingrained grease, dust & dirt
  • Non-flammable
  • For use on a variety of products
  • Anti-static properties reduce build up of dust

£ 2.18  inc. vat

£1.81 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 390098   |   Mfr part code: FCL300

AF Isoclene Cleaning Spray - 250ml

  • General cleaning for technicians
  • 99.7% pure Isopropanol
  • For technical cleaning
  • Leaves no residue
  • Use with Foambuds, PC Buds, Safewipes or Safebuds

£ 3.12  inc. vat

£2.60 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 366815   |   Mfr part code: ISO250

AF Labelclene - 200ml

  • Removes labels without leaving a residue
  • Quick and efficient to use
  • Suitable for use on wood, metal, glass and most plastics
  • Pleasant lemon perfume

£ 4.06  inc. vat

£3.38 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 390101   |   Mfr part code: LCL200

Q Connect Telephone/Multi Purpose Anti Bacterial - 100 Tub

  • Cleans bacteria from a veriety of office equipment
  • Regular cleaning will help stop infections
  • Removes finger marks, grease and grime
  • Pack 100 wipes

£ 1.49  inc. vat

£1.24 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 146777   |   Mfr part code: KF04508

AF White Boardclene Kit

  • A compact kit for use with traditional and interactive whiteboards....
  • The cleaning solution quickly removes dry inks, use with the cloths and...

£ 6.81  inc. vat

£5.67 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 390129   |   Mfr part code: AWBK000

Af Sprayduster 250ml Invertible

  • Pure compressed gas for Blowing dust and debris from inaccessible...
  • Allows strength of the blast to be controlled
  • Extension tube for reaching confined areas
  • For use on printers, fax machines and computers

£ 3.76  inc. vat

£3.13 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 569906   |   Mfr part code: SDU250D

Durable Workstation Cleaning Kit

  • Durable Workstation Cleaning Triple Pack.
  • Contains - Durable Telephone Clean Tub
  • Durable Screen Clean Tub
  • Durable Super Clean Tub.

£ 11.52  inc. vat

£9.60 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 382948   |   Mfr part code: 5783-00

AF Screen-Clene Anti-static screen & filter cleaner - 250ml

  • Pre-saturated anti-static wipes for CRT monitors & non-coated glass...
  • Fast cleaning, non-smearing formulation
  • Non-flammable
  • Reduces the risk of eyestrain

£ 3.23  inc. vat

£2.69 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 390118   |   Mfr part code: SCS250

Techlink "This Cleans" Screen Cleaning Kit

  • Anti-bacterial formula leaves surfaces biologically clean
  • Super soft no-scratch antimicrobial cloth
  • Removes dirt, grease and fingerprints
  • Ultra-gentle cleaning with no harsh chemicals

£ 6.48  inc. vat

£5.40 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 427382   |   Mfr part code: 511005


  • Non-smearing cleaner and cloth for cleaning device screens
  • Non-flammable, alcohol-free formula
  • Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria
  • Safe for screens, lenses, mirrors and more

£ 4.18  inc. vat

£3.48 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 433582   |   Mfr part code: AXMCA25MF

Q-connect Keybrd And Surfce Cleaning Kit

  • Specially formulated to help remove marks and grime
  • Suitable for use on plastic PC casings and keyboards

£ 4.14  inc. vat

£3.45 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 762298   |   Mfr part code: AKSC000QCA

AF Whiteboard Clene Pump Spray 250ml

  • Pack of 1
  • Light lemon fragrance
  • Provided in 250ml pump spray
  • Cleaner for whiteboard surfaces
  • Safe non-flammable formulation

£ 1.59  inc. vat

£1.32 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 161895   |   Mfr part code: BCL250

Fellowes Tablet & E Reader Cleaning Kit

  • Suitable for any tablet or e-reader
  • Easily removes fingerprints
  • Non-streak formula for perfect results on screen
  • Anti-static reduces the risk of equipment damage
  • Contains less the 1% alcohol

£ 4.59  inc. vat

£3.82 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 370361   |   Mfr part code: 9930501

AF 200ml Multiscreen Clene & Free Microfibre Cloth

  • AF Multi-Screen Clene With Microfibre Cloth
  • For delicate plasma technologies & all computer monitor and laptop...
  • Also cleans the screens of PSPs, phones & MP3 players

£ 3.15  inc. vat

£2.62 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 371001   |   Mfr part code: AMCA200_MIF

Q Connect Surface & Whiteboard Foam Cleaner - 400ml

  • Restores the appearance of Whiteboards & much more
  • Removes ingrained grease and dirt
  • Do not use on screens
  • 400ml

£ 2.76  inc. vat

£2.30 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 377201   |   Mfr part code: KF04504

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In the final analysis of course a couple of minutes spent running a cloth over the surfaces every now and then would resolve the issue. Although actually getting around to doing it is something we tend to forget.

Now there is no excuse for your not keeping your work area and computer sparkling clean thanks to the wide range of computer cleaning products that are available from Scroll down the page or use the filter feature on the left of the screen to find all the different sprays and foams that will clean any surface. Just spray and wipe and your computer and all its peripherals (don’t forget the phone) will be restored to their former glory.

All you need for the workplace

Once you have chosen your cleaning products why not browse through the full range of office essentials that we stock from all the different leading brands. Order today for fast delivery within the UK.