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A foot rest is an often unappreciated piece of equipment that can actually make quite a difference to the comfort and health of the user. Positioned under the desk a foot rest takes the stress off the users legs and makes sitting at a desk for long periods more comfortable with less strain on the body.


Xenta Adjustable Footrest

  • Helps improve posture and circulation
  • Made of high impact polystyrene
  • Tilt: 0 - 15 degrees
  • Platform: 448 x 335mm
  • Non-slip feet

£ 3.96  inc. vat

£5.99save £2.03

£3.30 ex. vat

£4.99save £1.69
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QuickFind: 717041   |   Mfr part code: F6E01B8Y

Fellowes Professional Series Ultimate Foot Support

  • Relieves lower back pressure
  • Elevates feet and legs
  • Scissor motion height adjustment (100, 136, 165mm)
  • Surface massage bumps relieve stress
  • FIRA Accredited

£ 36.99  inc. vat

£30.82 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 371715   |   Mfr part code: 8067001

Fellowes Professional Series Climate Control Foot Rest

  • Climate control feature allows you to adjust the heat and airflow in...
  • Feature heat settings:200 watts (low setting), 500 watts (high...
  • FIRA accredited ergonomic design

£ 48.48  inc. vat

£40.40 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 371778   |   Mfr part code: 8060901


  • Q Connect footrest with anti slip rubber mat on top platform....
  • Foot support folds flat for easy height adjustment and storage under...
  • Colour: Black/silver.

£ 24.99  inc. vat

£20.82 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 377145   |   Mfr part code: KF20076

£ 11.99  inc. vat

£9.99 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 795538   |   Mfr part code: CE77688

Acco Kensington Solemate Plus Foot Rest

  • Non-slip surface
  • Angle moveable with your feet
  • Can be locked into position
  • 6 different height adjustments
  • Relieves pressure on the lower back

£ 21.98  inc. vat

£18.31 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 75682   |   Mfr part code: 56146

Kensington SoleRest - Foot Rest

  • Kensington SoleRest Footrest.
  • Helps improve posture and circulation by keeping feet and legs...
  • Non-slip feet enhances overall stability.

£ 15.40  inc. vat

£12.83 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 363331   |   Mfr part code: 56148

Fellowes Pro Series Heavy Duty Footrest

  • Fellowes Professional Series Heavy Duty Foot Support.
  • Elevates feet and legs to relieve lower back pressure.

£ 55.98  inc. vat

£46.65 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 371717   |   Mfr part code: 8064101

Fellowes Slimline Back Support Graphite

  • Fellowes slimline back support.
  • Offers greater flexibility of support to suit the individual user....
  • Features modern soft touch fabric and adjustable strap with buckle....

£ 28.98  inc. vat

£24.15 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 371781   |   Mfr part code: 9190901


  • Q Connect Footrest.
  • Ergonomically designed foot rest with two height adjustments and free...
  • Colour - Black.

£ 17.99  inc. vat

£14.99 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 377147   |   Mfr part code: 29200-70

Chief KSA1020B - Mounting kit ( wall mount, desk mount ) for personal computer - black

  • Easy connect and disconnect with no tools necessary
  • Universal fit and function - compatible with a wide range of CPU sizes...

£ 95.99  inc. vat

£79.99 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 387321   |   Mfr part code: KSA1020B

Executive Adjustable Footrest Black

  • Provides comfort as it relieves strain and muscle fatigue
  • Four-position height adjustment (115-187mm)
  • Tilt angle adjusts up to 35 degrees

£ 21.99  inc. vat

£18.32 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 795547   |   Mfr part code: CE77689

Kensington ACCO Solemate Adjustable Foot Rest

  • Entry level foot support
  • Angle adjustable
  • Helps improve posture and circulation

£ 19.98  inc. vat

£16.65 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 25790   |   Mfr part code: 56145 solemate

Acco Kensington Solesaver Adjustable Footrest

  • Dual height adjustment;
  • Adjustable legs
  • Angle adjustable to two positions
  • Textured foot grip platform
  • Three tilt options for personalised comfort

£ 12.99  inc. vat

£10.82 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 75683   |   Mfr part code: 56152

Kensington Sole Soother Footrest

  • 0-20 degree adjustment for ultimate comfort;
  • 3 adjustable height settings
  • Gentle massage wave pattern;
  • High impact ABS plastic construction

£ 21.14  inc. vat

£17.61 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 80856   |   Mfr part code: 56154

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Certainly, if you are setting up an ergonomic workspace, you should consider a foot rest. Many of the foot rests available from (scroll down the page to see the full range) can be positioned to suit the user. They feature adjustable legs, tilt options and textured foot grips for greater comfort.

But as well as helping office workers be comfortable at their desk, a foot rest supports the users legs which helps to eradicate pain in the legs, angles and thighs.

Make your workspace ergonomic with

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