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Increasing the efficiency of a network is always a prime goal and a great way to optimise performance is by installing additional server memory. And, whether you are running a server for business or personal use we have all the memory modules you need to ensure fast and smooth operation.

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Types Of Memory

When selecting server memory, there are three types to choose from:

ECC, or Error-Correcting Code, is designed to mitigate the problems caused by electrical or magnetic interference that sometimes occur inside the server.

Registered Memory - also sometimes called buffered systems - uses a lower electrical load to maintain stability.

Big Name Brands At

Server memory needs to be reliable and here at Ebuyer we stock memory modules from the biggest and best names in tech. Here you will find a huge range from such well-known brands as Crucial, Hewlett Packard and Kingston.

Find the right memory

Not sure which memory you need? No worries. Use the Kingston Memory Configurator to discover the best solution for you.

Components and more

If you're looking for other server components, or Microsoft windows server software to help you manage your system, we can help with that too.