Memory Cards

A memory card is a small storage device mainly used in portable devices such as smartphones, cameras, and handheld game consoles. Memory cards are also known as SD cards, flash memory cards or, simply, storage cards. And though they may be physically small, the latest models of memory cards are available in capacities of up to 1TB.

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Showing 76 - 81 of 81 results

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Here at Ebuyer, we stock an enormous range of memory cards from all the best brands, including SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, and more. And if you need a memory card reader to offload your memory cards' contents onto your computer, we've got those, too.

Memory Card Size

Make use of the filters on the left-hand side of the page to whittle all the available memory cards down to your exact specifications. Start by choosing the memory card type, or form-factor, that's compatible with the device you're buying the memory card for. Most laptops, for example, feature full-sized SD card slots, whereas the Nintendo Switch is instead equipped with a Micro SD card slot.

Memory Card Capacity

Next, think about how much storage capacity you need. If you're heading off on a long holiday and want to take as many photos and videos with your smartphone as possible, without deleting any of them, then it's worth investing in a larger memory card. Memory card capacity has grown massively in recent years, and nowadays, you can easily find memory cards with an entire terabyte of storage! These kind of capacities allow for hours' worth of high-res videos to be stored on a single memory card. On the other hand, smaller 64GB and 128GB are still plenty popular and are now incredibly cheap, too.

Memory Card Speed

You'll also want to take the speed of a memory card into account. Many modern smartphones are capable of shooting high-resolution, high-frame-rate videos, for example, but this requires a lot of data to be written to the memory card. If the memory card isn't fast enough to keep up with all this data, then your videos will suffer from stutters and dropped frames. Conversely, if transferring simple text documents from one computer to another is all you're using your memory card for, one of these ultra-high-end memory cards is unnecessary.

Memory Cards at Ebuyer

So, whether you're a professional photographer who's looking to pick up some extra high-capacity, high-speed memory cards for an upcoming shoot, or you just want a little bit extra storage for save files on your handheld game console, you're sure to find the right memory cards for all your storage needs, right here.

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