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Any business looking to get their message across should display their content on a large format screen. It gives maximum impact. Large screens are ideal for engaging with customers, promoting brand awareness and - of course - increasing sales.

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AG Neovo PN-46D 46" LED Full HD Black public display

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Why do I need a large format display?

There's nothing quite like using visual aids to get your message across - whether that's for the purposes of marketing to the general public or your existing customers, or distributing information to your workforce during staff training and general business presentations. So, imagine being able to communicate your message on a relatively big scale. A large format display screen, also sometimes referred to as 'digital signage', is a brilliant way to communicate effectively. Large format displays will command anyone's attention whether they're mounted singly or together as a videowall in an imposing bank of screens.

Is a large format display just a big telly?

No, it's not. The difference between an LFD and a 'normal' television is that Large Format Displays have been specifically designed and engineered to run continuously for extended periods of time. This means an LFD could be running around the clock. They are much more durable and efficient than standard TV screens. It's possible to hook up media players or PCs to these displays, to run your content.

How big do LFDs get?

When you're choosing an LFD the first thing to consider is the size that you'l require. The space it will need to fit into or onto may be clearly pre-defined, so it's no good getting something you think is suitable but that turns out to be too big or too small. You must measure up and go for something exact. Screens are measured diagonally corner to corner.

Currently the largest size Ebuyer offers is around 163" screen size, so that's approximately 4 metres, diagonal corner to corner. This is a huge screen, above the norm even for large format displays - generally speaking anything above 100" can become heavy and unwieldy. The smallest LFD is typically 32" (though you can find smaller 10" display screens which have a variety of uses). The point is, there is usually going to a screen size which suits your needs!

Resolution of LFDs

Like with television, the greater the quality the better the viewing experience. So the resolution of the screen you are thinking of purchasing should be a consideration. For smaller LFDs a HD Ready display is perfectly adequate, though as the size increases to fill more viewing space, the screen ought to be full HD or 4K. The sharp and clear imagery offered by Full HD or 4K screens is perfect for displaying promo whether text-based or imagery.

Ebuyer offers LFDs from the biggest names in tech

Whether you are looking for a single large format display for, say, a waiting area or training room or are thinking about a giant video wall for a busy concourse you will find the screens you need here at Ebuyer.

You can be assured that we only carry the best large format display screens from the leading manufacturers in the market. For example, Samsung produce some amazing large format displays with Full HD and advanced colour calibration. These screens are ideal for creating the ultimate video wall or for a high-quality single display.

Other big names, other big screens

There are also other leading electronics manufacturers which produce large format displays, and these include LG, NEC and Sharp. They all have exceptionally large screens featuring ultra-fast response times, high contrast ratios, outstanding picture quality and a variety of interfaces for versatility.

Buy your LFDs on finance

Remember, with Ebuyer there are finance options available. For more details please click here.