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The unique Ubuntu operating system is becoming more and more popular with both home and professional users. The simple, safe and comprehensive OS powers millions of computers around the world and now Ubuntu desktop PCs are available in the UK at amazing prices from Ebuyer.

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What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a complete operating system that includes all the premium applications found in Windows including a browser, a full office suite, email client and media apps for editing photos and videos. In addition there are also thousands of free apps and programmes available for download from the Ubuntu software centre.

Ubuntu is unique as it is an open source OS and has been developed on Linux by a community of programmers from around the world. Previously only available as a download the PCs featured on this page all come with the operating system preinstalled.

Ubuntu Desktop

Why you need an Ubuntu Desktop PC

Tired of complicated operating systems that seem to make life harder rather than easier? Don't want to keep paying out for word processing and spreadsheet packages? Want the ability to be able to create presentations and easily edit photos and videos? Do you want an OS with built-in virus and malware protection? Of course you do! That's why you need Ubuntu. It is simple, intuitive and fun to use. And it is absolutely jam-packed with features.

Premium features as standard

LibreOffice is a complete software suite compatible with Microsoft Office. It includes Writer (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet package), Impress (presentations) and draw (graphics) amongst other applications. It can also open and edit Word and Excel documents. It really is a comprehensive and creative package ideal for business, personal and academic use.

Other great features

The Thunderbird email application and Firefox for fast and secure web browsing. And, unlike other operating systems, a wonderfully intuitive home screen allows the user easy access to programmes, files and documents stored on the computer or even on the web. Within the Ubuntu software centre, and available for free download, are numerous tools and programmes to organise and edit your media files. You can manage, edit and share your photos or videos without having to spend a fortune on licenced products. Literally thousands of other apps designed to increase your productivity and unleash your creativity are just a few clicks away and can be downloaded for free. With all these features, and rock bottom prices, why wouldn't you want an Ubuntu desktop PC?

Ubuntu Other Features

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