Our dedicated team of audio-visual technology experts are always on hand to offer you any advice, help and great pricing to meet your business needs.

Large Format Displays and Video Walls are an extremely popular option for businesses in the corporate, retail and hospitality sectors looking to communicate their message on a larger scale. A bold and impressive way of making a business statement whether that’s in an office environment, a shop or a hotel or restaurant. Our range of displays will suit a massive variety of applications including public signage, retail, exhibitions and conference centres, POS / POI, control rooms and production facilities.

For teaching establishments such as schools and universities, our range of interactive displays is the perfect addition to any classroom or lecture theatre. High quality resolution and a wealth of state-of-the-art features mean interactive displays offer a clever and efficient way to further education.

Of course, 2020 is an unusual year – and one which may come to redefine the way we got about our interactions. Social distancing is having an impact on businesses across the globe, and there are pressing demands for the improvement of video conferencing set-ups. It’s essential to have good quality screens, cameras and audio systems, whether you’re using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other VC platform.

We’re experts at identifying the problem and an offering a solution. We can help you spec out a full VC system, kit you out with everything you need for a seamless transition to ‘the new way’, and ensure you keep business continuity by staying in touch with your staff, customers and suppliers.

If you need advice, assistance or more information on how purchasing A/V equipment (such as LFDs, interactive displays, projectors and audio equipment) can revolutionise your business, call our AV solutions team on 01430 433671. We will happily walk you through the various options, and provide you with the best pricing for purchasing and installing your new A/V system.