Network-Attached Storage

We provide a simple and affordable way for your business to strengthen data protection and increase storage capacity. A Network Attached Storage system will put your mind at ease, and keep your workplace running smoothly.

With a NAS you can rest assured GDPR for your data is covered and all information is protected from cyber-attacks, as it’s stored in a robust and safe digital location.

But, what exactly is NAS? For a start it’s a quick and painless solution to data problems. A NAS system is an efficient and affordable way for your business to store and easily access ever-increasing amounts of data. The convenience of a NAS can increase efficiency and productivity in your business, as teams and colleagues are easily able to collaborate with one another.

With NAS, data can be stored, shared and secured with the minimum of fuss.

All members of staff in your business can access the information on the NAS, set documents and data to back-up to the NAS automatically, share devices such as printers, and even have remote access to the system. Colleagues can dial in from wherever they are in the world.

The easy way to think of a NAS is that it’s a high-capacity external hard drive which is wirelessly connected to every computer and device on your network. Documents of any kind no longer have to be emailed or transferred between devices, because they can all be centrally accessed, edited and shared between users. In addition, printers, scanners and other devices can be connected to the NAS.

If you need advice or assistance on purchasing a Network Attached Storage system, call our team of solutions experts on 01430 433671. We will happily walk you through the various options and provide you with the best pricing for purchasing and installing your new NAS system.