Toni Meehan
Stuart Bell
Rico Wibowo
Mike Peck
Marcus Howard

Toni Meehan

Me at Ebuyer

One of my first roles was as Product Manager, and during my 13 years I’ve also been Business Support Manager. Four years ago I became the Business Solutions Sales Manager. This variety of roles has given me a great working knowledge of Ebuyer and its processes – so I can focus on truly helping customers.

My role is Business Solutions Sales Manager

This role has given me a great insight into new areas and how best to protect the business. Ensuring the team are up to date with accreditations and exams is part of making sure Ebuyer stays ahead. We all take the opportunities to learn and better ourselves – and that really pays off. It’s a good feeling when you’ve contributed to a customer achieving something for their business.

Keeping on top of things

Things in IT change frequently, so it’s so important to protect yourself and the business. Finding out about new products, and learning about developments in the tech world has been a great asset. It’s something my Team naturally do and I’m very proud. Being organised is also really important!

Me, personally

I love anything Disney! My favourite characters are Goofy and Ariel. My favourite film is The Little Mermaid but I’ve got a soft spot for Toy Story. I’ve been to Disneyland in Paris and Orlando, Florida. I was lucky enough to go almost every year between the ages of 8 and 17!

Stuart Bell

My role at Ebuyer

I’m the company’s Server and Software specialist. Both are an integral part of keeping businesses running. By connecting with me you’ll be able to discuss exactly what you need. There are so many options available, but I’m here to help! We can go through what you’ll use the Server for, and what software your business needs, and I’ll build a bespoke quote / spec to suit you!

My background

I started at Ebuyer in April 2012, so I’ve been able to see our business develop. At first I worked as an Account Manager but I got more and more involved in the Software side of things. That has always interested me – my main background is in Software. I love helping businesses work their way through the dark arts of Software Licensing, and making sure they understand what they need and why, so that they can go away with a understanding of what they are buying.

Me, Personally

Well, some people might find this a bit sad… But I was once ranked as the third best Pro Evolution Soccer Player, online.

Rico Wibowo


I joined Ebuyer in May 2016 as an Account Manager and I enjoyed the work, but wanted to move into something that was a bit more technical and high-end. I spoke to my manager at the time and they created the role of Workstation and Storage Specialist specifically for me. That’s one of the positive things about Ebuyer – if you have a passion for something they’ll try and give you the opportunity to move into that particular area. It makes for a happy and highly motivated workplace.

Customer Focus

As an accredited HP Workstation Specialist, I love knowing and talking about the latest high-end tech, so I’m now in the perfect role. Because I’m passionate about the subject, my enthusiasm hopefully comes across to the businesses I help. I think the key attribute required is: listen to your customers - I always think that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason!

Nothing gives me more satisfaction that helping a business solve a problem. Every business is different and by listening and understanding their needs, we can help them make the right decisions.

About me

I would describe myself as a ‘minimalist’. I only keep what’s necessary, so if you ever came to my house, it almost looks like no one lives there! Some people don’t like to throw anything away, whereas I don’t like to keep anything. Everything has to have a purpose!

Mike Peck

When did you start at Ebuyer? (Approx Month and Year)

I’ve been working at Ebuyer since August 2020.

What is your specialist area?

My specialist area is Networking (Infrastructure and Security)

How did you get into your specialist area?

My career began as an IT Support Engineer, though I moved across to sales after a break from the IT industry. I’ve been an AM at a number of MSPs, so successfully providing solutions to meet business objectives.

What did you do before Solutions Team/Ebuyer?

Before joining the Solutions Team at Ebuyer I was the Account Manager at a mid-size MSP.

Why do you love what you do?

I enjoy helping businesses overcome issues with their IT Systems, therefore enabling better experience for the business and its customers.

What is your number one tip for a successful business?

I think it’s crucial for a business to listen to its customers, and it can add value to its offerings by providing quality advice and customer service.

What accreditations do you hold?

I have a range of Cisco and Aruba sales accreditations.

1 Personal fact about yourself:

As a music fan I enjoy nothing more than seeing bands play live - and enjoying the atmosphere of a gig of course!

Marcus Howard

My role in the Solutions Team

My role at Ebuyer is to provide the rest of the Solutions Team, and (most importantly) our customers, with administrative assistance. So it’s quite a varied role I have. Each day can be quite different and filled with a variety of tasks. For instance, I help Ebuyer customers obtain tracking and an ETA for their orders, and I also assist in resolving any issues which they might have arising from or relating to their orders. I really enjoy getting to grips with issues, and solving customer queries - and I pride myself on doing everything to the sort of high standard I would expect to receive myself when I am a customer!

My background

I studied English literature and Information Technology when I was at college. I have a Level 2 NVQ in Business and Administration qualification, and I’m also HP Workstation Sales Certified as of 2019. I came to Ebuyer initially as an apprentice, undertaking Business and Administration. When I’d completed that apprenticeship I was offered the opportunity to work full time within the Solutions Team. I was delighted to accept as I like the company and I love my role within it!

Me, Personally

I enjoy walks in the countryside (as long as they’re not too long, that is!). Nothing beats fresh air, and walking is a great way to keep fit. Going for a walk, away from everything, also gives me the chance to process my day.