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5 clear reasons to upgrade to Windows Server 2019

Cloud + on-premise, together.

Unique hybrid environment

With the hybrid server option presented by Windows Server 2019, you get the best of both worlds:

New and enhanced security features

  • Control access to apps and tools with stronger administrator credentials

  • Prevent more intrusions with Windows Defender Exploit Guard

  • Protect traffic at the flick of the switch with Encrypted Subnets

  • Find and address more breaches with Integrated Windows Defender Advanced Threat Detection

Greater visibility and insight

Windows Admin Centre delivers clear insight and control of your workloads – whether they’re on-premise or in the cloud.

Do more, faster

Did you know... most businesses only use a fraction of their server capacity?

Windows Server 2019 uses virtualisation and containers to:

Greater visibility and insight

If your systems go down, you could lose deals, customers and even your business.

The storage and backup features in Windows Server 2019 can help you: