Wireless keyboard and mouse sets for the office

Wireless keyboard and mouse sets for the office

With most workers stuck behind their desks – the computer is the most important piece of equipment they will use each day. Or is it? Wireless keyboard and mouse sets for the office are often overlooked yet can provide an important service to increase comfort and performance.

The standard keyboard and mouse which arrive with your desktop may be perfectly adequate for many, but it stands to reason that they are going to be basic models, not the hi-end accessories which are more beneficial.

Third-party peripherals are still very popular because they are generally more powerful, comfortable, or offer more ergonomic advantages.

Many keyboards and mice are sold as a set, yet people may have specific preferences. If your desired keyboard comes with a mouse that you don’t want, it’s not the end of the world as it never hurts to have a spare mouse just in case you need it at some point.

What to look for in wireless set

Wireless keyboard and mouse sets still need some form of connection. There are two types: RF (Radio frequency) and Bluetooth.

RF wireless sets need a receiver, which is generally a small USB dongle that fits into a USB port. Bluetooth connects with a receiver that’s already built into the computer (see the specification details).

Each wireless RF device needs its own receiver, so if you mix and match wireless device brands, you might need a different USB receiver for each one. A ‘combo’ set will connect with the same receiver.

What to look for in wireless set

Ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets

Anyone who works for hours on a computer doing repetitive actions all day will tell you how important the ergonomic features can be.

Many people replace their existing mouse and keyboard in order to get a more positive and comfortable user experience. Mice come in different shapes, sizes and weights, along with various buttons and controls to take stress off your hands and wrists.

Some keyboards have keys designed to fit the natural curve of your fingertips, and some have adjustable key configurations to make the typing experience more convenient. There are also keyboards available with larger keys, and keyboards which are much smaller than the standard ones – these tend to be more popular with single-handed users.

Keyboards are designed to help you get your hands in a neutral position to reduce RSI.

Battery Life

Most wireless keyboards and mice are battery powered. Some are rechargeable, and others are solar-powered. Generally speaking, wireless keyboards can last from 15 months to 3 years on a single set of batteries. Wireless mice usually from 8 months to 2 years.

Different systems

One of the frustrating things about computer technology is that certain products only work with certain systems. There are still some keyboard and mouse sets that will not work with a Mac. Makes sure your set specifically states which operating system it can work with.

Don’t pinch on price

If you want the best and most comfortable accessory, then always buy the best you can afford. Remember, this is something you’ll have to live with every minute of every working day. Don’t have any regrets.

Mouse nous

Most mice have textured, rubber side grips with shape and contouring for added hand comfort. Many are fine for right or left-handed people, but some are specifically designed for one hand or the other.

It’s a good and simple idea to think about the size of mouse you need in relation to the size of your hand. Don’t choose a mouse that is so big you have to stretch your hand around it, or so small that your fingers create a claw. Use your common sense and select one that fits nicely and feels comfortable.

Smaller mice are popular, and supposedly these are good for faster movement, but rarely are they a great fit for daily desktop use. They are convenient to throw in to your bag for travel.

Just in case you are thinking of buying a mouse for both your daily work and for gaming, you might want to think again, as wireless mice can have a slight signal delay, which is not good news on the gaming battlefield.

Mouse nous

The key to wireless keyboards

There are so many wireless keyboards out there that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Wireless keyboards obviously give you the freedom of portability when it comes to typing on your computer, but they also have other beneficial features.

You already know that the keys are ergonomically designed, but the angle of the keyboard itself is also important along with adjustable height and tilt. These contribute to physical ease and comfort.

Some keyboards are now fitted with multimedia keys which enable you to adjust computer volume, playback and screen brightness. The wireless performance of some keyboards can be well over 30 feet so can be used in business meeting rooms or small halls.

To conclude

Wireless keyboards and Mouse sets for the office certainly put an end to those annoying cords all over your desk and make your devices more portable and versatile. The ergonomic designs aid efficiency and well-being in the office, while the advanced features make your whole work experience more enjoyable.

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