Xenta Cables

Cheap, quality cables to power your business

If you’re looking for top quality cables at unbeatable prices, then you have come to the right place. Cables are normally quite expensive, but the Xenta range supplies the connections without the cost.

Xenta – the cable guys

From USB cables to wireless car-phone chargers, Xenta has a wide range of cables for business and personal use. Just because Xenta cables and accessories are cheap doesn’t mean they are inferior to leading brands. They are manufactured to the highest standards and are tested to meet strict safety guidelines. Xenta cables won’t let your business down.

Xenta USB Cables
  • USB Extenders
  • USB convertion cables
  • Device Cables
Xenta Analogue Audio Cables
  • Male to female AUX cables
  • Male to male AUX cables
Xenta Category 5 Cables
  • Patch Cables
  • Network Cables
  • 0.5m to 30m
Xenta Category 6 Cables
  • Patch Cables
  • Network Cables
  • 0.5m to 30m
Xenta Category 7 Cables
  • 0.5m to 10m
Xenta Digital Audio Cables
  • Digital Optical Cables
Xenta DisplayPort Cables
  • 1m to 5m
Xenta DVI Cables
  • 1m to 5m
Xenta Firewire Cables
  • 6pin Firewire Cables
Xenta HDMI Accessories
  • Switch Ports
  • Adapters
  • Male to female
Xenta HDMI Cables
  • 1m to 5m
  • HDMI conversion cables
Xenta SATA Cables
  • 40cm to 90cm
Xenta Serial Accessories
  • Power adapters
Xenta USB Accessories
  • Adapters
  • Card readers
  • Hubs
Xenta VGA Cables
  • 1m to 5m
Xenta Wireless Chargers
  • Charging pads
  • In-car chargers