Antec - Believe it

High performance, cutting edge technology and reliability are built into all Antec products. Whether you are a gamer, overclocker or PC builder the Antec range of fast and efficient PC components are geared towards you.

Enclosures And So Much More

Antec are renowned for their stylish and roomy cases including their top of the range gaming enclosure the Eleven Hundred. But their range also includes technically advanced cases for home PC builders as well as top of the line PC accessories such as LED fans and cooling solutions.

All Antec products are environmentally friendly including their market leading gaming and entry level PSU solutions which not only maximise power but also conserve energy.

Silent Operation

There is nothing as distracting as a noisy computer. Especially when you are working or gaming.

But Antec have been a pioneer in producing quality components that run at a whisper. Their innovative Quiet Computing™ technology is built into their fans and cases ensuring your system is exceptionally quiet when running.

Ultra Reliability

All Antec components and cases are backed by their worldwide reputation for reliability. And, not only will Antec products perform at the highest grade, they are also cost-effective. For example, their power supplies, unlike others on the market, work incredibly efficiently without wasting energy. This ensures the users system is not only highly efficient but is also cheap to run.

Cool Running’s

Today’s computers have to handle so many simultaneous tasks that overheating is a real danger. But Antec’s state of the art cooling solutions will ensure your system never gets too hot – protecting your components from damage and preventing frustrating crashes.

Sleek & Stylish

It’s not just how well components perform its how good they look as well. And Antec products look fantastic. From their eye-catching cases to their stylish power units everything is designed to impress.

Eco Friendly Computing

With higher and higher specs computers drain more and more resources. But with Antec’s commitment to producing energy efficient products you can be sure your system will use less electricity whilst still maintaining its power and performance.



Building your own PC is tremendously rewarding and the Antec Advance range will help you to get even more out of your new system.

Antec Advance features products manufactured to the highest standard of computer engineering. High tech fans, coolers, accessories and components are all geared to ‘Advance’ the specification and performance of your PC.

Designed to maximise performance whilst being quiet and efficient to operate the Advance range delivers everything the gamer or PC builder needs to develop their system.

The Advance range also includes some handy accessories including cleaning solutions that make it easier to care for your PC.


Many of us will have experienced the frustration and annoyance that comes when our PC overheats causing the system to hang or freeze.

But of cause overheating can cause more serious problems including components melting and the CPU frying.

And, whilst that is an extreme case scenario, it is a fact that computers nowadays are expected to cope with more tasks and intensive workloads making them much more likely to overheat.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

Computers that are not properly cooled will malfunction and components will quickly degrade. But this can be easily avoided with Antec’s state of the art cooling solutions.

All Antec’s cooling products are designed to allow greater airflow and maximise performance. From enclosure fans to zero maintenance liquid CPU cooler units Antec solutions offer the very latest in cooling technology.

Cool Laptops

With more of us using our laptops for game playing it is more important than ever to make sure they don’t overheat. Unfortunately most laptops don’t have the necessary built in cooling to cope.

But with the Antec range of notebook coolers you can protect your laptop from even the most intense of gaming sessions.


From the Eleven Hundred ultimate gaming enclosure to the 3480 Micro ATX for home users Antec produce a case to suit every PC builder. Packed with features every Antec enclosure offers an advanced and cost effective solution.

State of the art technically, but also highly efficient and reliable, each Antec enclosure is roomy and well designed.

Easy To Expand

With more and more components being used to build high specification PC’s it is important that the case can cope with everything the system builder needs. And with Antec enclosures you will find plenty of space and expansion slots.

Not only is there loads of room for multiple hard drives, graphic cards and the motherboard a clever cable management system helps to keep everything well organised.

Quietly Stylish

Built in Quiet Computing™ technology keeps everything running noiselessly thanks to sound reducing panels and almost silent cooling fans.

And, in addition to their powerful performance, Antec cases really do look the business. Elegant and stylish an Antec enclosure gives your PC the home it deserves.

Build clean and powerful systems with the Antec range of enclosures.

Power Supplies

Top performance, high reliability and low energy use characterise all Antec power supplies. Gamers and computer builders will find that these value for money products deliver energy efficient computing without compromising on power.

Power You Can Rely On

Whether you are looking for a high spec gaming unit or an entry level solution every Antec power supply delivers on performance and reliability. Backed by tough circuitry protection these power supply units will give you countless hours of safe and dependable operation.

High Quality Spec

Built with top of the range components including high quality connectors, resilient cabling and ultra-quiet cooling fans these Antec power supplies are made to cope with even the most demanding of systems.

Tested and guaranteed to operate at 80% or more efficiency Antec power supplies will save you money on energy bills without costing you on performance.