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Seagate are the world leader in data storage solutions. Their drives are used by the biggest hardware manufacturers, enterprise data centres, businesses, and consumers alike. Their reputation for performance and reliability sees their drives trusted with business-critical information and the storage of sensitive data by companies around the world. But home users, students and gamers too know their files and media are safe with Seagate. Whether you’re storing terabytes of confidential data or your collection of home movies you should use a Seagate drive for reliable and secure storage.

Firecuda 530 SSD

Explosive Speed. Absolute Domination.

Performance nothing short of exhilarating, the FireCuda® 530 redefines speed — up to 7,300 MB/s catalyses PCIe® Gen4 power. With transfer rates 2x faster than PCIe Gen3 and 12x faster than SATA SSDs, this SSD is built for sustained abuse and accelerated gaming.

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Rescue Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery

Rescue Data Recovery Services

There can’t be many worse feelings then when you realise your hard drive has failed. All those files and folders you can’t access anymore. And typically, it’s only when a drive fails that we remind ourselves to always back-up data. Recovering lost data is stressful and can be expensive. Sometimes it can be futile. Thankfully Seagate drives now include Rescue Data Recovery Services. Should anything happen to your drive Seagate’s team of world-class experts will attempt to recover your data for you. The teams 95% success rate provides peace of mind and the knowledge your files are safe with Seagate.

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