Asus Laptops

When choosing a laptop or notebook design, reliability and performance are the three factors on which we usually base our decision on whether or not to buy. Many companies lay claim to be the leader in each category but it’s Asus that can justifiably lay claim to being among the best in all three. After all their laptops have been in space, to the top of Mount Everest and to both the North and South Poles. And, if they can withstand those extremes, the office, lecture hall or coffee shop are going to pose no problems.

Probably the biggest factor of all that makes us buy a particular laptop is its reliability. With our notebooks being so essential for work, study and play we need a machine that isn’t going to let us down. And Asus laptops have proved their reliability in the most demanding of environments. They have performed with no problems throughout a 600 day mission in the MIR Space Station, accompanied mountaineers to the top of Mount Everest (though why they needed a laptop 29000 feet up a mountain is a mystery) and have undertaken numerous expeditions to both poles where they have performed perfectly regardless of the conditions. Efficiency and reliability is built into all Asus laptops. As standard.

When it comes to laptop design a certain fruitily named company in California usually takes all the plaudits. But the new range of Asus laptops are simply stunning. The ultra-lightweight and slim line designs match anything Silicon Valley can turn out and are guaranteed to turn heads and get people talking. With many of us taking our laptops with us whenever we travel they need to be light and portable. And the new Asus laptops tip the scales at just over 1.5kg and can be very easily tucked into a bag or rucksack when on the move. Taking your Asus laptop on a plane, train or bus is simplicity itself.

Whether you are using your machine for work, for studying or for gaming there is an Asus laptop that will have the right specification for you. With the latest Intel Core i7 processors and graphic cards you are assured of a lightning fast response whether you are working on a presentation, spreadsheet or simply kicking back and watching a movie. But Asus laptops are packed with features and tools to help you cope with any workload. And, with a HD display, Windows 8 operating system and Sonic Master audio your productivity and creativity levels will never have been so high.

We all love a bargain. And although we want our new laptop to be the shiniest and fastest there is – we still want to think we got a good deal. And with Asus you will certainly get one. Asus laptops are renowned for their affordability and value for money. It has always being the company’s ethos to build state of the art equipment at the lowest possible cost. And on you will find the most competitive prices anywhere on the net.