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A relatively new company ASRock have nevertheless become a major force in the technology field specialising in producing advanced motherboards. These state of the art boards are designed and built for PC builders, overclockers and gamers and deliver amazing performance.

High-performance ASRock motherboards

ASRock have developed a whole series of motherboards with different specifications suitable for different uses and users. And whether you are building a new PC or upgrading your current machine you will find ASRock motherboards in a variety of form factors including ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX.

However all ASRock motherboards have been developed in line with the company’s principles of creativity, consideration and cost-effectiveness.

Extreme performance

Using the latest and fastest Intel and AMD chipsets these motherboards deliver exceptional performance.

Overclockers who enjoy pushing their machines to the limits, gamers who need their hardware to match the demands of the latest 3D games and enthusiasts who want to stream masses of media need an extreme motherboard. And ASRock devices tick all the boxes.

Exclusive technology

ASRock pack their motherboards with features and technology that has been developed in house to give them an edge over the competition. And many of the boards are Windows 8.1 and Thunderbolt ready giving making them ideal regardless of the platform used.

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