Benefits of a Gaming Chair

If you enjoy gaming – and I mean who doesn’t? – It’s important to perfect your gaming components. Such as your rig, the lighting, the sound… but what about the chair? For a lot of us, the gaming chair is the last thing on our list. We at Ebuyer thought it would be a good idea to show you the benefits of a gaming chair. 

Top 4 benefits of gaming chairs

Comfort and Support

We know that some gaming sessions can last for hours, and there is nothing worst than having a sore back afterwards. That is why it’s important to ensure that you are getting the right support for your back and arms from your chair. Look out for gaming chairs that have generous padding, with back and shoulder cushions. Some chairs offer removable cushions that can be adjusted to suit the user.

The benefits of Ergonomics and Functionality in Gaming chairs

It’s vital to your spine health that your chair can be adjusted to suit your height. You might need to change the height and tilt of your chair in order to achieve the perfect fit. Meaning you can game in comfort, knowing that your knees and back are supported. You also want your PC gaming chair to be able to swivel through 360 degrees to save your back from twisting around.

Durability and Stability

You need a chair that can easily hold your weight. To ensure you are supported throughout your gaming, you should look out for PC chairs with a metal base with multiple legs. A quality gaming chair should be able to comfortably support most body types.

If you are wanting a console style chair, you need to make sure that it has a strong frame and back. Some console style chairs have sliding seats and can be tilted in order to suit your preferences.

The most popular material for gaming chairs is PU leather. It is a synthetic leather-like material that is very durable. It’s also easy to wipe-clean and maintain.

Console vs PC gaming chairs

The type of chair you get should greatly depend on the type of gaming you do. If you play on a games console that is connected through your television, then you should consider a rocker or pedestal chair. They are lower to the ground, meaning that you have a better view of your television screen, they also tilt or rock to give you efficient support when playing. Some console chairs even have integrated speakers to enhance your gaming experience. Brands like X-Rocker make great console chairs.

PC chairs look more recognisable as they look a bit like a standard office chair as they are on wheels. However, unlike office chairs, they have been designed for use over long periods of time. They are adjustable to meet the height of your desk and monitor set-up. A lot of them also have tons of padded arm rests, back supports and head rests to ensure support. We have a huge range of PC gaming chairs for you to choose from.

Whatever type of gaming you do, we have the right chair for you at Ebuyer. Have a look at our great selection of gaming chairs that are suitable for everyone here. 

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