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The Best Free To Play Steam Games 2019

Best Free-to-Play Steam Games 2019

Itching to play something new but don’t want to stump up the cash? Don’t panic. You can save yourself the stress of rummaging through the back of your sofa with these fabulous free-to-play games on Steam.

Hit that download button and get playing. Your wallet will thank you.



Credit: Warframe.com

A shining example of how to get the free-to-play model right, Warframe has amassed a dedicated player base thanks to its incredible content updates and support. Slice up enemies with a katana, then rearrange their face with a shotgun – Warframe’s interchangeable combat system is a joy to behold.

With its gorgeous visuals, slick and stylish mechanics, and wealth of customisation options on offer, you owe it to yourself to give Warframe a try.

Download here


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Credit: Hiddenpath.com

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) was already one of the most-played games on Steam despite being six-years-old, but developer Valve has now made the award-winning shooter free-to-play. Such generosity is often reserved for Christmas time (or the Steam Winter Sale), so count yourselves lucky, ya hear?

This isn’t a stripped down version of the game, either. Apart from missing some advanced matchmaking features and premium items for sale, you’re getting the full CS: GO package. Just don’t come crying to us when you’re left feeling shortchanged in a gunfight.

Download here



Credit: Dota2.com

DOTA 2 is widely regarded as the gold standard of free-to-play games, and rightly so. A global smash-hit for Valve, DOTA 2 draws in millions of players every month thanks to its uncompromising business model and addictive gameplay.

With regular updates adding new content, experiences and features, DOTA 2 continues to grow and evolve at a staggering rate. With no barrier to entry other than a rather steep learning curve, you’ve got no excuse not to try out one of PC gaming’s modern-day phenomenons.

Download here


War Thunder

Credit: warthunder.com

Are you a fan of vehicular combat spanning land, air and sea? If you answered yes to any of the above, War Thunder is sure to get your engine revving and guns blazing.

Choose from over 1,000 vehicles and battle in over 100 locations as you try to blow enemy players to smithereens, one explosion at a time. War Thunder also includes cross-platform support so you can fight against friends who may play on console, and school them appropriately.

Download here


Path of Exile

Credit: pathofexile.com

Can an online action RPG succeed using the free-to-play model? Path of Exile confidently says, “yes, they can”. With a deep level of character customisation, a thriving online item economy, and competitive PvP for good measure, Path of Exile brings all the features you’d expect from a fully-priced RPG.

If you’ve ever been put off by the monthly subscriptions of other online RPGs, Path of Exile’s dark fantasy world has never looked so inviting.

Download here


With regular content updates and improvements down the line, these five free-to-play Steam games will only get better over time. But most importantly, they remain completely free of charge. Lovely stuff.


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