The Best Gaming Mice 2019

The Best Gaming Mice 2019


Best Gaming Mice 2019

Precision, responsiveness and accuracy are three of the top markers of great gaming mice, and are non-negotiable when it comes to bringing your a-game to the virtual world. Consider online shooters like Overwatch or PUBG, where your every command – from choosing a weapon to running for cover or chucking a grenade into the ether – needs to be actioned the moment you click… because even if you’re just a millisecond late, you risk your opponent beating you to the punch. Welp.

It’s moments like this in which we fly high or fall, hard. It’s moments like this which also reveal just how important a specced-out and savvy gaming mouse is. Here’s a few of our best gaming mice.

ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

Ever wanted to know what perfection looks like in physical form? Wonder no more with the ROG Gladius II Origin. With six customisable pre-set light modes and a syncing option – which allows you to connect this mouse’s lighting effects to your in-game action, music and more – it can’t help but turn heads. What’s more, its advanced 12,000 DPI optical sensor ensures that precise clicking comes easily, while its exclusive push-fit socket design means that you can vary its click resistance to boost your gaming… well, game, to new heights.

EG MMO Mouse

Every budding pro gamer needs the right gear… and we reckon the EG MMO Mouse is a great place to start. Capable of tracking up to 8,200 DPI with no hardware acceleration, this mouse will help you master the art of precise gameplay (a must for those high stakes online battles). With the ability to customise 13 separate buttons, tweak weights and more, there are dozens of ways to make it personal to you, and to experiment with different setups until you find your sweet spot.


Razer Deathadder Essential Gaming Mouse

It doesn’t matter whether you’re gaming royalty or a total rookie, the Razer Deathadder Essential Gaming Mouse is an excellent contender for all your PC playing needs. With an ergonomic form, 5 Hyperesponse buttons and 6,400 DPI optical sensor, smooth and accurate gameplay is guaranteed. It’s reliable, too. Thanks to its 10-million click life cycle, you’ll have plenty of time to get familiar with this green gaming gadget: just like the League of Legends superstar, Faker, who used this mouse to become the champ he is today. Need we say more?

EG RGB Fusion Mouse

LAN party aficionados, streamers and players who game well into the night (… guilty), get ready to fall in love with the EG RGB Fusion Mouse. Designed to last, EG have ensured a durable build with only the toughest materials for the most intense gaming session. Beyond that, you can push your in-game performance even further by tweaking its 11 customisable lighting effects and colour coded DPI settings to match how you play.

The EG RGB Fusion delivers in the looks department, too. Programmable RGB lighting technology and ergonomic design, ensure this mouse suits even the most carefully designed gaming rigs. Excellent, no?

Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB

Forget about snipers and submachine guns – the lightweight and lovely Corsair Gaming Sabre is the only weapon you’ll ever need when gaming. With custom-designed, high-performance switches and a 10,000 DPI optical sensor, controlling your in-game movements has never been easier – particularly when you throw its accurate tracking, 1,000Hz refresh rate and eight configurable buttons into the mix. To make matters even better, this mouse offers 16.8 million lighting options, which means even the most indecisive among us will find a look they love.