Asus All-In-One PC’s

If you find working on a laptop difficult or want a new desktop but don’t have room for a large tower unit, an Asus all-in-one PC could be the perfect solution for you. With large screens, futuristic designs and high specifications these machines provide desktop performance combined with touchscreen functionality. A machine that is ideal for work or as a family entertainment centre.

Full HD Display

The screen is the most important part of an all-in-one (AOI) computer. And the bigger the display the better. Asus AOI computers have screens between 22” and 27”. If you have become used to working on a laptop or small monitor the large screen displays of the Asus all-in-one computers will be a massive culture shock. The graphics are simply astonishing. Full HD display and wide viewing angles augmented by booming SonicMaster audio means that movies and games become sensational experiences. Gather the family round to watch a film, play a game or enjoy video calls on the big screen.

More Productive

Eye popping graphics are not the only advantage of a large screen. Multiple displays can be arranged side by side to make working easier. For example you could have a Word document and web page open side by side.


The big difference between an Asus all-in-one computer and a traditional tower PC is the ten finger touchscreen. This brings tablet functionality to the desktop. And by recognising all ten fingers a massive range of gestures is supported. And, with Windows 8 specifically designed to be touchscreen friendly, an Asus AIO computer allows the user to be more productive and creative.

Keyboard & Mouse

Although the Asus AIO has touchscreen technology you won’t be using it for work or for data entry. The wireless keyboard and mouse fulfil their usual roles and make the whole system so easy to use. And all without having to worry about hiding cables.

Wall Mounting

As we have already discussed one of the great things about all-in-one computers is the amount of space they save compared to traditional tower systems. Indeed with a profile of only a few centimetres the computer hardly takes up any real estate at all. But even more desk space can be saved by mounting the AIO on a wall. This looks amazing but is also a practical solution to the problem of restricted space.

Easy To Install

One benefit of AIO computers that shouldn’t be overlooked is how easy they are to set up. No worries about complicated installations or trying to figure out which cable does where. With an all in one PC you simply take it out of the box and switch it on. If you want too it is easy to move the computer around the house.


Can’t make up your mind about the size of tablet you want? Not sure whether to buy a 7” or 10”? How about an 18.4” tablet! Asus have produced the world’s first AIO desktop with detachable display. In other words the large 18” touchscreen becomes a giant tablet PC instantly by removing it from its innovatively designed stand. And with five hours of battery life you can watch a movie or listen to an album before having to return the screen to its mount.

Some Day All Computers Will Be Made This Way

Although more expensive than traditional desktop computers the all-in-one offers so many advantages that once you have used one you simply won’t want to ever go back to a tower system.

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