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NVIDIA are one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-end graphics cards. As pioneers of this powerful technology, NVIDIA have spent the last two decades creating hardware that has transformed the ever-expanding graphics industry. In 1999, NVIDIA invented the GPU, which is widely considered to be the engine of modern visual computing. NVIDIA's product range spans all sectors of the graphics market, from the Quadro graphics cards favoured by professional visual designers to the GeForce processors designed for high-intensity gaming.

Feel The Force

GeForce is the cutting-edge technology that enables NVIDIA graphics cards to be superfast. The architecture used makes them suitable for all applications, though the different specifications on the cards suit different uses. However, GeForce isn't the only technology NVIDIA uses to fuel their graphics cards. Quadros processors, for example, have been designed to meet the stringent demands of professional workstations. Designers, engineers and creative users will benefit from the presence of a Quadro card in their PC.

Upgrade Your PC

We're all making increasing demands on our computers these days. We want to stream movies, play the latest 3D games and multitask with all the different programs we use on a daily basis. But if a computer's going to deliver a smooth experience without hanging, it needs a graphics card that's powerful enough to manipulate images and process huge amounts of data with ease. NVIDIA cards are fast enough to cope with even the most demanding workloads, whether you're looking for a desktop or laptop-oriented graphics card.

Find Your Card

NVIDIA is used by many leading manufacturers to enable their graphics cards and boards to be as fast as possible. Trusted brands such as Asus and Gigabyte have a wide range of cards using Nvidia technology as do PNY and Micro Star among others.

You can check out all the full range of NVIDIA graphics cards available at Ebuyer.com by using the filters on the left of the screen.

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Nvidia graphics cards are the fastest on the market but they come in different specifications and here at Ebuyer.com we sell up to ten different versions. So, how do you choose which is the best one for you?

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The fundamental question is: what will you be using the card, or rather your computer, for? For example, if you are into high-end gaming, then the basic rule of thumb is that you need the fastest and highest specification card you can afford.

If, however, you are a multimedia enthusiast who will be primarily using your computer to stream movies and view online content your graphics card doesn’t need to have a top-of-the-range spec. But, just to add to the confusion, if you are a professional user or designer you will probably need a different card to leisure users. **

Why should I choose Nvidia – and who are these guys anyway?

Whichever kind of user you are you need an Nvidia graphics card. Quite simply they are the best available. And that isn’t just a lazy marketing boast. Since the company was founded in sunny California in 1993, they have sold more than one billion graphics cards. This success was built on their development of the GPU, which Nvidia invented in 1999.

This amazing technological breakthrough saw the birth of visual computing and was responsible for the evolution of the incredible graphics we now enjoy in high-end games. But it also influenced development in other fields, such as movie production and even medical research.

Needless to say, Nvidia have maintained their industry advantage. Their graphics cards are found as the stock GPU in all the highest specification computers and are the first choice for PC builders, overclockers and those looking to upgrade their machine to the highest specification possible.

Choosing your Nvidia card

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Nvidia package their cards as either the GT, GTX or Quadro series. When choosing your graphics card, you need to take into account your budget, the spec of your computer and what you will be using your machine for.

Interpreting the technical specification of your graphics card

When looking through the different Nvidia graphics cards on Ebuyer.com each will list their specs in the product description. But what do they mean and what factors should you consider when finalising your choice?


The RAM of the card isn’t overly important but the bandwidth is. Expressed as GDDR or DDR, the former memory has been specifically developed for graphics cards. GDDR stands for Graphics Double Data Rate and is much faster than conventional DDR memory. As can be imagined, GDDR delivers a better performance. A GPU with 5GDDR will provide double the data rate of a card with DDR3 memory.


An Nvidia graphics card is a high-performance piece of kit and as such will generate a lot of heat. It’s important that your computers cooling system is able to cope and keep the GPU (Graphic Processing Units ) at an ambient temperature. If the GPU isn’t kept cool, it will fail.

enter image description here

So, the basic rule here is that there is no point investing in a higher-end graphics card if you can’t cool it. However, you will find that many of the Nvidia graphics cards here at Ebuyer.com have a built-in cooling system. Simply plug the whole unit into the motherboard and you are good to go. But do check the product description.

Your processor

To be blunt, there is no point installing a fast graphics card into your computer if you have an old and slow processor. The CPU won’t be able to keep up with the graphics card. If you do have an older or middle performing CPU, don’t be tempted to go for the best performing graphics card unless you are upgrading your processor as well.

Doubling up

Thanks to Nvidia’s Crossfire technology you can opt to install multiple graphics cards if you are looking for ultra-high spec and performance. You will, of course, need a motherboard that can accommodate the cards. Just be aware, installing duplicate graphics cards doesn’t automatically mean that performance will be doubled. A 40 – 50% increase would probably be nearer the mark.

May the force be with you

For multimedia enthusiasts and mid-range gamers, the Nvidia GeForce GT graphics cards will deliver smooth visuals, detailed images and fast video editing.

However, gamers looking for the highest spec graphics card should look no further than the Nvidia GeForce GTX series. These cards are lightning fast, deliver an incredible performance handling the latest 3D games with ease. If you are serious about gaming you need a seriously fast graphics card and the GeForce GTX Series are the cards you need.

If you are a professional designer or enjoy video and audio editing the Nvidia Quadro Series are designed specifically for you and provide incredibly powerful workstation graphics.
Check out the full range

Here at Ebuyer.com we have a massive range of well over 100 Nvidia graphics cards from all the leading brands including Asus and well known gaming giants such as Micro-Star International and Gigabyte.

For more information on Nvidia and their product range click here.