PC Cooling Fans

If a PC overheats it can have disastrous consequences. The computer could hang or freeze, completely crash and the some components can be damaged and even melt. But why risk your computer overheating when cooling fans are available at Ebuyer at such great prices?

PC Cooling Fans At Ebuyer.com

Discover some of the leading brands in PC cooling systems such as CoolerMaster, StarTech and Xilence. And, no matter how much you upgrade your system, you are sure to find the cooling fans you need to counter balance the extra heat generated. Whether you are a gamer, a multimedia specialist or an overclocker.

Why Buy A Cooling Fan?

An effective cooling fan will not only reduce the temperature of your computer's components, but in doing so will extend the life of your desktop PC. So investing in new fans could well save you money in the long run.

Choosing Your PC Cooling Fan

When choosing your cooling fan, two essential factors you must consider is its compatibility with your CPU and whether it will fit inside your computer case. But also look out for vibration absorption and other noise cancellation features.

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CoolerMaster 120mm Sickleflow Fan - Red LED

  • 19 dB-A Silent application for CPU cooling
  • 12cm with black frame and Red LED
  • 2000RPM max speed
  • Air Flow (CFM) 69.69 CFM
  • 3pin connector with 3 to 4pin adapter

£6.06 inc. vat

£6.48save £0.42

£5.05 ex. vat

£5.40save £0.35
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Arctic Cooling Arctic F12 Pwm 120mm Case Fan

  • Patented PWM Sharing Technology (PST)
  • Extremely quiet
  • High air flow and static pressure
  • Low noise impeller
  • Fluid dynamic bearing extends service life

£5.00 inc. vat

£5.57save £0.57

£4.16 ex. vat

£4.64save £0.48
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Arctic Cooling Arctic 80mm F8 Case Fan

  • The refined "ninja-knife" impeller design not only improves the...
  • The special fan blades reinforce the volume of airflow by 20% comparing...

£2.99 inc. vat

£4.00save £1.01

£2.49 ex. vat

£3.33save £0.84
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Xilence Red Wing (120mm) Case Fan (black/red)

  • Connector Type small 3 PIN + BIG 4 PIN
  • Sound level - 26 dB
  • Fan Speed - 1.300 RPM ± 10%

£2.99 inc. vat

£3.50save £0.51

£2.49 ex. vat

£2.91save £0.42
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£2.99 inc. vat

£4.80save £1.81

£2.49 ex. vat

£4.00save £1.51
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£13.82 inc. vat

£17.74save £3.92

£11.51 ex. vat

£14.78save £3.27
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120mm Black Case Fan - 4 pin connector

  • 4pin Connector
  • Great value 12cm black fan
  • Fan screws not included

£2.45 inc. vat

£2.04 ex. vat

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£7.49 inc. vat

£8.99save £1.50

£6.24 ex. vat

£7.49save £1.25
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Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140mm Premium Quality Fan

  • 4-pin PWM and Noctua's AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation)
  • Integrated Anti-Vibration Pads
  • Flow Acceleration Channels
  • Improved SS02 bearings

£17.80 inc. vat

£14.83 ex. vat

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Aerocool Lightning Series Transparent 12cm Red LED Fan

  • Transparent black frame
  • transparent red blades with quad red LEDs
  • 7 fan blade generates sturdy high air pressure-air flow
  • Anti-vibration screws included

£3.60 inc. vat

£3.00 ex. vat

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Scythe Mini Kaze 40mm x 10mm Quiet Cooling Fan

  • 40 x 10mm quiet PC cooling fan
  • Noise level 14.0 dB(A)
  • 2-pin and 3-pin connectors
  • Great value
  • Perfect for Chipset/VGA Cooling

£4.98 inc. vat

£4.15 ex. vat

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  • 15 pages with 219 products