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Speakers From Ebuyer.com

A pair of speakers can be a great investment. Of course they will make your music so much better but they also come into their own by making movies and games an immersive experience - especially if you have a surround sound speaker system.

Speaker Systems

With the advancements in technology it's no longer necessary to break the bank to install a high quality speaker system. And Ebuyer have a full range of speaker systems from single portable speakers to stereo (two speakers) to 2:1 (two speakers and a sub-woofer) and 5:1 (five speakers and a sub-woofer) full surround sound systems.

Huge Choice

Here at Ebuyer we have literally hundreds of speakers and systems to choose from. So whether you are looking for a portable unit for your tablet or full home cinema system we have the speakers you need. Check out the full range from all the different manufacturers by searching through the brands on the left of the screen. Here you will find speakers from big names such as Logitech, Trust and Wharfedale.

Setting Up Your Speakers

Once you have found your speakers and we have delivered them to your door you will need to set up your new system. And the first thing you have to take into consideration is where you are going to put your speakers to make sure that you get the best sound possible.

Generally this means putting the speakers at equal distances away from the listener. The surround speakers should be positioned behind the listener, while the left and right speakers should be located on either side of the television screen or computer monitor. The subwoofer can be put just about anywhere, although it's not recommended that they be placed in corners.

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy great sound on the go, without needing a pair of headphones, then portable laptop computer speakers could be ideal. These generally connect to your computer with a USB cable, so they don't need an extra power supply.

And, of course, there is also the option of Bluetooth and wireless speakers which means there are no cables to run around the walls. These speakers are so versatile as they can be positioned anywhere within range.

Next Day Delivery

Whether you want the speakers to improve the way you enjoy music, games or movies our range of products is sure to provide big sound at low prices. And if you don't want to wait for your new sound system, order before 11pm to enjoy next-day delivery (terms and conditions apply).

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Xenta Monitor 2.0ch Soundbar

  • Stylish, horizontal speaker that can be placed below your monitor...
  • 2 x 3W speakers
  • USB powered
  • Headphone connection

£12.99 inc. vat

£19.98save £6.99

£10.82 ex. vat

£16.65save £5.83
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QuickFind: 657666   |   Mfr part code: EBBR-2Y0

Xenta XForce 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers - 80W RMS

  • Powerful 80W RMS with Deep Bass
  • 40W Subwoofer and 5x 8W Satellite Speakers
  • Wireless Remote Control Included
  • Wall Mountable Satellite Speakers
  • Supplied with Stereo RCA to 3.5mm cable

£29.99 inc. vat

£49.98save £19.99

£24.99 ex. vat

£41.65save £16.66
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QuickFind: 200508   |   Mfr part code: XFORCE1H

Xenta 303 2.1 channel Subwoofer speaker System

  • Xenta 303 2.1 channel Subwoofer speaker System
  • Compact speaker set (10Watts power)
  • 3.5mm stereo cable for easy connectivity
  • Plug and Play instantly

£14.99 inc. vat

£18.99save £4.00

£12.49 ex. vat

£15.82save £3.33
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QuickFind: 539941   |   Mfr part code: TATOO303EBY

Logitech Z150 PC Speakers Midnight Black

  • Enjoy rich sound
  • Control at your fingertips
  • Listen in privacy
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 151.5X 84.5X76 mm

£17.49 inc. vat

£18.98save £1.49

£14.57 ex. vat

£15.81save £1.24
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QuickFind: 657513   |   Mfr part code: 980-000816

Logitech S120 Black 2.0 Speakers - 2.3W RMS

  • Speaker Power: RMS 2.2 W total
  • Amber LED on when power on
  • Adjustable volume up/down
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • 5ft cable between 2 satellite speakers

£14.49 inc. vat

£16.49save £2.00

£12.07 ex. vat

£13.74save £1.67
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QuickFind: 129430   |   Mfr part code: 980-000010

£15.99 inc. vat

£13.32 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 139131   |   Mfr part code: 980-000029

Creative Inspire A60 2.0 desktop speakers

  • Sleek and compact desktop speakers
  • Built-in bass port to deliver deep and rich bass
  • Magnetically-shielded,Will not interfere with TV/monitor
  • Ideal for use with your MP3player, notebook or PC

£14.49 inc. vat

£12.07 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 199363   |   Mfr part code: 51MF1635AA001

Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II Black 2.0 Speakers - 32W RMS

  • Top-of-the-line two-piece speaker system
  • Pro quality woofer drivers and high-tech tweeters
  • Front-mounted controls for convenient
  • 16 Watts RMS per channel, total 32W RMS

£100.98 inc. vat

£84.15 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 158663   |   Mfr part code: 51MF1615AA003

Creative T10 2.0 Speakers - 10W RMS

  • Dedicated tweeter, great high frequency performance
  • BasXPort - No Subwoofer required
  • Easy accessible tone and volume control
  • Headphone connection

£32.99 inc. vat

£35.00save £2.01

£27.49 ex. vat

£29.16save £1.67
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QuickFind: 132370   |   Mfr part code: 51MF1600AA001

Sond Audio 50w Bluetooth speaker with NFC

  • Bluetooth v4.0, With APTX
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • NFC, USB Port for MP3 playback
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 180 x 500 x 175 (mm)

£99.99 inc. vat

£83.32 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 652170   |   Mfr part code: EMBW-13Y31

Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Pc Speaker System

  • 7 Watts RMS per channel (5 channels)
  • 22 Watts RMS subwoofer
  • Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 20kHz
  • SNR : >75dB

£67.98 inc. vat

£56.65 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 419927   |   Mfr part code: 51MF4115AA004

Xenta 2.1 Speaker System

  • 2:1 surround sound
  • 5W sub-woofer
  • 2 x 2.5W satellite speakers
  • Separate volume and bass controls

£24.99 inc. vat

£20.82 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 665216   |   Mfr part code: ECB113-YV0

£5.69 inc. vat

£7.98save £2.29

£4.74 ex. vat

£6.65save £1.91
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QuickFind: 393744   |   Mfr part code: VSS-001-360

Logitech Z906 Surround Sound 5.1 Speaker System

  • Successor to the bestselling Logitech Z-5500
  • 500W RMS total with 165W Sub and 5x 67W Speakers
  • 2x Optical Audio Inputs
  • DTS Digital Decoding
  • THX Certified

£349.98 inc. vat

£291.65 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 256220   |   Mfr part code: 980-000469

Adin 10W Vibration Bluetooth Speaker - Black

  • Aluminium Alloy body
  • 3.5mm Audio jack
  • Bluetooth, hands-free compatible with any
  • Bluetooth device
  • Micro USB connection

£38.39 inc. vat

£31.99 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 582456   |   Mfr part code: KK4

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