Corsair Power Supply Units


Our computers Power Supply Unit, or PSU, is something that many of us pay very little attention to. Yet this underrated component is an essential piece of kit that can go a long way towards determining the efficiency and stability of your machine.

And, with a Corsair PSU, you not only get a reliable power supply but also a unit that is very easy to install and one that will be extremely energy efficient.


The revolutionary AXi family is the first line of desktop PC power supplies to use digital (DSP) control and Corsair Link to bring you an unprecedented level of monitoring and performance customization.

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Corsair AX Power Supply Units

If you have taken the time to build a PC or have purchased a top of the range machine why not complete the picture with a great PSU? And, for a top performing PSU, take a look at the Corsair AX Series.

The AX Series delivers a flexible package of input options and is suitable for all PCs. And, with their 80 PLUS certification, you can be sure that all Corsair AX Series Power Supply Units are fully tested and approved for energy efficiency.

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Corsair RM Series power supplies are optimized for silence, with low-noise capacitors and transformers, a custom fan design, and Zero RPM Fan Mode. 80 PLUS Gold rated efficiency ensures low-cost operation, and the fully modular low-profile black cables allow for fast, neat builds. You can even connect it to your Corsair Link system (available separately) and monitor fan speed and +12V current from your desktop.

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Corsair HX Series modular power supply units are designed for gaming rigs, overclocking systems, or any PC where rock-solid stability is essential. HX Series PSUs have earned 80 PLUS Gold certification to guarantee cool, efficient operation. Modular cabling allows you to use just the cables you need, for better looking system builds with less cable clutter and improved airflow.

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Corsair TX Series power supply units are designed for hardcore PC gamers, performance enthusiasts, and anybody who appreciates a combination of high performance standards and affordability. TX Series PSUs are 80 PLUS Bronze certified, and are available in both modular and non-modular configurations.

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GS Series power supply units are the ideal price-performance solutions for gamers who want stylish, high-performance PSUs for their next PC builds or upgrades. With 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency, rock-solid voltages and switchable internal LED lighting, Corsair Gaming Series PSUs look as good as they perform.

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CX Series power supply units are an excellent choice for basic system builds and desktop PC computer upgrades. CX Series PSUs are available in a variety of power configurations, and include features that are normally found only on premium power supplies.

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