The router is the heart of your digital home, allowing you to connect and share the Internet with everyone in your house.

When choosing a new router, it's well worth looking for products that support the Wireless N standard to get the best performance out of your network. You should also think about what activities you will use your router for. Will you be streaming HD movies to your TV? Dual band routers allow you to do so without interference. Do you want to connect mobile devices throughout your house? Routers with SmartBeamTM technology provide full coverage across your whole house, even if you have multiple floors.


Network Adapters

Upgrade your computer's wireless connection in seconds with a network adapter.

These days, desktop PCs and notebooks come with wireless technology built-in, but that doesn't make network adapters redundant. You might, for example, want to add wireless networking to an older PC or upgrade a notebook to use the latest Wi-Fi technologies and security. Our range of adapters includes PCI adapters designed to fit inside standard desktop PCs and servers, CardBus/ExpressCard products for compatible notebooks, and USB adapters which can generally be used with any, or all of these machines.



Frustrated that your wireless won't reach certain areas of your home? You need PowerLine.

These clever little devices use your home's existing electrical wiring to connect everything together, simply by plugging them into standard mains sockets. Getting set-up is simple. All you need is two PowerLine Adapters or more. Connect one to your home router and the other into your room socket where you need your connection extended.



Easily add more computers and devices to your network with a desktop switch.

Out of ports? Problem solved. D-Link's desktop switches allow you to connect more wired devices - like desktop computers and gaming consoles - to your home network. Simply decide how many extra ports you need, plug in the new switch and go - it really is that easy.