HP ePrint - print from anywhere

What is HP ePrint

HP ePrint makes mobile printing easy for large enterprises, small businesses, on-the-go professionals and consumers.

Stay productive on the go with HP ePrint mobile printing. Easily print emails, business materials, presentations, and more directly to an HP ePrint-enabled printer or MFP from your smartphone, notebook, or anything capable of sending an email.

HP‟s free ePrint service makes it easy for you or guests in your home or office to send documents and photos to your web-connected HP printer-no special software is required. You can send print jobs from a variety of devices-an Apple® iPad™, an iPhone™ or other smartphone, your primary desktop PC, a work or personal laptop, or a netbook computer. Print jobs are securely and reliably sent through email, right to your printer. The solution makes sharing a printer with multiple computers in your home or office effortless.

How it Works

HP ePrint assigns an email address to your printer. You can then print from your smartphone or notebook via email without installing any special drivers or software. Use HP ePrint sitting on the couch at home or from a coffee shop on the other side of the country. As long as you can send an email to your HP ePrint-enabled printer or MFP, you can print.

Manage your HP ePrint settings at the HP ePrintCenter website. You can check the status of print jobs, set default print settings, and enable additional security by specifying who is allowed to print to your printer.

For more information, see HP Officejet

At home, work, or on-the-go-anytime you choose

HP ePrint technology liberates printing from your home or office by allowing you to print important email and office documents while away from your desk, traveling, or simply out-and-about. Larger documents, presentations, and PDF files can be difficult to read on small, handheld device screens. Now you can easily print documents instead, to read or share with others.

HP‟s ePrint "send to email‟ solution is as simple as attaching your photos or documents to an email message that you forward to a web-connected printer using any device with an Internet connection.


Seeing is believing.

That's why HP has created a fantastic new online demo centre to show off its HP ePrint technology. Now you will be able to see, in real time, how HP ePrint works and to imagine what it can do for you.

The HP ePrint Demo Centre contains a range of HP ePrint printers and MFPs with a high quality webcam pointing at each. Email a document of your choice to any one of the printers - and then watch it print live! All you need is a web connection, and you can ePrint to the HP Demo Centre from wherever you are*.

It's so simple, and it's the most fun you've had printing in a long time! So go on - try it yourself and then share it with your friends - seeing is believing.

More Information

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HP & Airplay - print from anywhere

What is AIrplay

AirPrint-enabled applications can print to a printer that supports AirPrint-and you don't need to install a driver or configure the printer queue. Tap print, select your printer that supports AirPrint, and print. It's that simple

How it Works

Printing with AirPrint is easy. Make sure you've updated to iOS 4.2, and simply select "Print" from within the application on your mobile device, then send to a printer with HP ePrint.


The ePrint functionality provides a unique e-mail address to your printer, so you can print files by e-mailing them from your mobile device.

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